iPhone Catastrophically Quickly Discharges to iOS 11.4

iPhone iOS 11.4
Written by Hassan Abbas

In late May, Apple released an updated operating system iOS 11.4, beta testing which took several months. The update brought many new features and improvements. But he found a serious flaw. According to some users, after installing iOS 11.4 their devices began to discharge much faster.

iPhone iOS 11.4

iPhone iOS 11.4

Many users, updated to iOS 11.4, complain about the rapid discharge of the battery. Several topics are discussed in the official Apple forum to discuss this problem. More than a thousand people left their comments on this issue.

“I have the same problem with my iPhone 6s Plus . Everything was fine before the update. The wear of my battery is 10%, but I just watched how the battery charge fell from 50% to 20% in just a few minutes, while the smartphone was not used. I looked through all the settings and did not see anything that could affect the discharge of the battery. Regardless of the reasons for this, it is necessary to correct it as soon as possible, “one of them writes.

The problem does not seem to depend on the iPhone model. In some cases, it was possible to slow down the battery discharge by turning off Wi-Fi or using Wi-Fi in the 2.4 GHz band instead of 5 GHz. Other users were able to solve the problem, only rolled back to iOS 11.3.1.

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Apple has not commented on the problem caused by iOS 11.4. It remains to be hoped that the company will solve it in the next update.

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