iPad with Face ID found in Beta Version of iOS 12

Written by Hassan Abbas

Yesterday, Apple introduced a new version of its mobile system to WWDC. We wrote how you can download iOS 12 in a separate article. But some unmanaged changes, as it often happens, were found out later when the new OS has already been tested by developers.

For example, iOS developer Guilherme Rambo found evidence that face recognition technology on the face will soon appear on the iPad. Judging by the screenshots provided, iOS 12 contains links to the Face ID on the iPad, including the ready interface of the function window and the corresponding menu section.


It’s unlikely, of course, but still, let’s say that this can refer to a function that will allow users to unlock the iPad using the iPhone X. Similarly, unlock the Mac with Apple Watch. However, the Face ID interface assumes that the iPad with face identification technology is already halfway to its launch.

At yesterday’s presentation, it was not said that iOS 12 brings gestures from the iPhone X to the iPad. However, the developers noticed not only this innovation but also one minor (and maybe significant) change in the interface of the status line – the clock moved from the center to the left corner. All this can be regarded as preparing a tablet for the unified design of the iPhone X, including the cut-out on the screen.

It is expected that before the end of this year, Apple will introduce an updated line of iPad Pro with several notable improvements, including those with a smaller frame and Face ID technology.

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