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Make iOS 13’s New Volume HUD Even Better with Sonus13

Written by Hassan Abbas

Make iOS 13’s new volume HUD even better with Sonus13: For the very first time, iOS 13 introduced a repaired volume HUD to the iOS platform. While the redesign finally did away with the invasive volume HUD excrescence iPhone users have lived with for so long, that doesn’t mean everyone likes how the new interface looks.

Also, If you like to experience athletics and endless customization in one package. Then you don’t want to miss a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed Sonus13 by iOS developer ubik.

Also, Sonus13 builds upon the successes of Sonus12 for iOS 12. But it absorbs everything necessary to stay relevant with the troop of the changes in iOS 13. Also, The tweak lets users configure the look of their volume HUD with custom colors, physical features, and behavior, among other things.

Once you install Sonus13, you’ll see a dedicated preference pane in the Settings app whenever you can configure the tweak to your liking:

You’ll be able to:
  • Toggle Sonus13 on or off on demand
  • Configure the appearance of the volume HUD slider
  • Mess around with Status Bar options
  • Around with Indicator options
  • Experiment with Animation options
  • Try some Extra options
  • Configure the volume HUD background
  • Import and export an existing volume HUD theme
  • Backup all options to their defaults
  • Configure the volume HUD position on your display

Users will also find some options:



  • Allow or disable dynamic coloring
  • Select a minimum/maximum volume color
  • Configure a slider thickness/length
  • Allow or disable full width/rounded corners/vertical appearance


  • Select the display positioning:
    • Left
    • Center
    • Right
  • Configure an X position while in portrait mode & landscape mode
  • Also, configure a Y position while in portrait mode & landscape mode
  • Configure a Y position from the display’s bottom


  • Also, Enable or disable a custom background-color
  • Configure a preferred background-color
  • But To Enable or disable background shadowing and background blurring
  • Select a preferred blur style:
    • Light
    • Regular
    • Dark
  • Configure:
    • Also, A custom border-radius
    • Also, Left and right padding
    • top and bottom padding

Other options available includes:


Status Bar

  • Hide:
    • Everything
    • Just the time
    • Carrier information
    • Battery information


  • Hide:
    • Ringer and media indicator
    • Volume percentage indicator
  • Configure a custom size:
    • Small
    • Regular
    • Large
    • Extra Large
  • Show a single indicator
  • Configure a custom color


  • Allow or disable an animation
  • Configure:
    • how long the volume HUD appears on the screen
    • animation-duration
    • slider duration


  • Enable ‘always show’ mode for the volume HUD so it never disappears
  • Toggle haptic feedback on or off on demand

Sometimes Apple stepped things up with the native iOS 13 volume HUD. But Sonus13 is a wonderful upgrade to it because the tweak brings so much to the table in terms of user configuration.

If you want to try Sonus13, then you can purchase it for $1.75 from the Packix repository in your preferred package manager. The tweak covered in this piece is only compatible with jailbroken iOS 13 devices. But if you’re using iOS 12, then you can download Sonus12 instead.


That all! Hope you all enjoy it! If you enjoy it then don’t forget to share your views with us also if you find any difficulty related to this guide then simply drop a comment without any hesitation! We are always here to help you!

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