iOS 13.3 Fixes Multitasking Problems Suggested by Preliminary Reports

iOS 13.3
Written by Hassan Abbas

Apple these days released the first beta of iOS 13.3 to builders. Based on early reviews from the ones who have downloaded the new update. It fixes the frustrating multitasking malicious program this is impacting many iOS 13.2 users.

Last week, we shared information on a number of court cases from the iPhone. IPad users jogging iOS 13.2 that have been seeing poor RAM control on their devices.

Apps Reloading Frequently

The difficulty precipitated apps like YouTube and Safari to reload extra frequently than regular. With the software program “aggressively” shutting down heritage apps and tasks.

iOS 13.3

From  forum member Rogifan, who describes the trouble:

“I become watching a video in YouTube on my iPhone eleven Pro. Also, pause the video to respond to a text message. I turned into in iMessage for much less than one minute. When I lower back to YouTube it reloaded the app and I lost the video I changed into looking. I noticed this plenty on my iPad Pro too. Apps and Safari tabs reloading a lot greater frequently than they did in iOS 12. Very demanding.”

iOS 13.3

iOS 13.3 beta Fixes Multitasking

In the iOS 13.3 beta, this trouble may be constant. Multiple readers in our beta trojan horse fixes and modifications thread are reporting enhancements in multitasking conduct. We’ve also seen similar reviews from Twitter users who are already seeing fewer refreshes. From  reader The Carny:

“Only had it mounted for a few minutes so there may be plenty of time for horrors to show themselves. However, I’ve had no Safari tab refreshes up to now. With the quantity of app switching I’ve just carried out, that definitely wouldn’t have been the case on 13.2.”

More checking out will need to be performed to ensure the issue is absolutely resolved. However, based on a couple of comparable reviews, it looks promising.

RAM management issue

iOS 13.3 Beta looks like it fixes the apps reloading / RAM management issue. I even have opened 32 apps and feature now not had one reload yet on iPhone 11 Pro Max

IOS 13.13 betas are restricted to developers presently. However, a public beta should be coming inside the close to future so non-builders can deploy the new software program.

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