iOS 13.1.3 Update causing wireless charging issue with iPhone 11

Written by Hassan Abbas

A few reports today propose that iPhone 11 clients are encountering wireless charging issues on their gadgets, conceivably connected to the iOS 13.1.3 update.

As per Trusted Reviews:

Some iPhone 11 clients have run into an issue with remotely charging their new telephone. There’s a large number of grievances on the Apple Support Communities gathering that all depict what gives off an impression of being a similar problem. Some Apple clients are announcing that remote charging on the iPhone 11 essentially isn’t working. It has nothing to do with contradictory or dodgy charging cushions, or obstructive telephone cases.

iPhone 11

A huge numbers of objections imply that the iPhone 11 will perceive that it has been set on a remote charger. However, it won’t really energize the battery. A few clients have even announced the telephone warming up, yet not charging.

One client wrote about October 23:

There is by all accounts a similar issue with iPhone 11. I have 2 of them (IOS 13.1.3) and one of them is charging fine on the remote cushion while the other one isn’t (possibly charges when I reboot for two or three days). Improved Battery Charging is turned off on the two.

Another client posting today stated:

For my situation, it doesn’t charge at all when I place it on a charger. What’s more, I have two iPhone 11s, one of them is charging appropriately the other one isn’t (gave it a shot 3 distinct chargers) – so on the off chance that it was a product issue and I would expect same conduct from the two as they are both on the most recent IOS

iOS 13.1.3

While the report proposes the issue may have been triggered by iOS 13.1.3. A portion of the objections has accused of 13.1.1 and 13.2 of the issue. There doesn’t appear to be a clear answer regarding which (assuming any) of Apple’s product updates could be to blame. There is a likewise clashing report about a fix for the bug. A few clients have discovered achievement essentially by turning their gadgets off and afterward on once more. Yet this isn’t working for everybody.

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Apple hasn’t given any reaction to the reports so far. Yet it ought to be noticed this is just a bunch of clients. There doesn’t appear to be a predictable example concerning either equipment or programming growing at this time.

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