iOS 12 Will Open A Little More NFC Capabilities In The iPhone

iOS 12 NFC
Written by Hassan Abbas

The NFC chip ( Near Field Communications ) is capable of doing many things when it is opened completely, you only need to see the examples that it gives us in some terminals that run Android. Apple, for its part, has included NFC in its iPhone and Apple Watch but limiting its functions to Apple Pay payments and in favor of our security.

But this, according to what they say in The Information and reflected in AppleInsider, could change in iOS 12. Apple could take advantage of this iOS update to release some more features of the NFC beyond what was done with iOS 11, making the iPhone be able to open doors and authenticate in public transport systems.

iOS 12 NFC

iOS 12 NFC

Open doors with NFC, something more interesting than you think

They are functions that are used more and more in other mobiles, so it is not surprising that Apple has decided to relax a bit the limitations of its NFC chip and thus be able to make the work easier for all developers. The hotels and transport services will appreciate this, without a doubt: imagine you can check-in at a hotel without having to go through reception, only through the door, and being able to open the door of your room bringing the iPhone or the Apple Watch to the bolt.

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This can also be reflected in other fields beyond hotels: we could see it implemented in the entrances of gyms, in cinemas and theaters, in concerts or even in airports. Apparently, this is already being tested in the same offices of Apple Park, reduced only to some employees. Public transport companies have also been asking Apple for more freedom to integrate their systems with the iPhone NFC since 2014.

If this ends up being true, we should see it sometime in the keynote of June 4. We’ll be alert.

Via: AppleInsider

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