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iOS 12 Allows Text Selection with the Keyboard on iPhone Without 3D Touch

Written by Hassan Abbas

Since iOS 9 and with the arrival of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, Apple allows users to use the 3D Touch (or strong pressure) to move the cursor and select text. A really useful functionality that from iOS 12 will also be available on devices that do not have 3D Touch. Scrolling through the keyboard to move the cursor is no longer exclusive to the newer iPhone models.

Devices prior to the iPhone 6s lack a screen with 3D Touch. Although during a short period of time Apple allowed selecting text in these using two fingers, the functionality was eliminated and we had no way to activate it in the previous models. It has been the argument used by Apple, the absence of a 3D Touch screen. Until now.



How to use the text selection on the iPhone without 3D Touch

If you have an iPhone without a 3D Touchscreen and you want to select text or move the cursor using the keyboard, the truth is that it could not be easier with iOS 12 . Simply press and hold the spacebar key to turn the keyboard into a virtual trackpad. Once the trackpad appears and without releasing the finger of the screen, we can move to move the position cursor.

But this does not stop there, but goes a step further and also allows you to select text. With 3D Touch, we had to make a second pressure even stronger so that the selection of text was activated. In devices without 3D Touch, once the virtual trackpad has been activated, you only have to press a second part of the trackpad to activate the text selection.

iOS 12 Allows Text Selection

iOS 12 Allows Text Selection

The truth is that moving the cursor from the keyboard or selecting text is one of the most useful features of 3D Touch and iOS in general. A simple tool that saves a lot of time once you get used to using it. Now, Apple has expanded this option in previous models too, without a doubt to thank.

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