iOS 11.4 is Now Available for Everyone, Here is the List of Changes

Written by Hassan Abbas

After iOS 11.3 arrived for all users, Apple decided to surprise us with a fourth major version of iOS 11 for this year. Some features were not published in the final version of iOS 11.3, so they have been delayed for iOS 11.4 Here is a list of all the important changes in iOS 11.4.

Messages on cloud

iOS 11.4 Messages on cloud

iOS 11.4 Messages on cloud

Finally, it seems that the synchronization of messages and conversations of iMessages has reached all users. It’s a feature that has cost to get, it came in iOS 10 in passing, then it disappeared to return in the beta of iOS 11.3 In the final version was not published but finally, it has done with iOS 11.4.

Messages in iCloud is an excellent feature with which we can have all our conversations and messages synchronized between all the devices associated with an Apple account. If you want more details, we made a more detailed article about it and with a guide to activate it.

AirPlay 2 and stereo sound for HomePod

iOS 11.4 AirPlay 2

iOS 11.4 AirPlay 2

The same thing happened with the iCloud messages, it’s a feature that appeared in the beta of iOS 11.3 and then disappeared. iOS 11.4 retrieves the option and finally, we have the AirPlay 2 protocol to transmit content between different devices and several devices simultaneously.

With AirPlay 2 also comes the multi-room support for the HomePod, which means that if you have two HomePod you can play the audio on them and synchronize to create a stereo environment throughout the stay.

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Schoolwork and ClassKit for education

The tools for education that were presented at the March event along with the new iPad are now available to all users. With this, teachers and students have a great tool to coordinate and manage classes. ClassKit is the API for the development of applications in education that allows the creation of applications for the benefit of students and teachers.

Security, wallpapers and more

There are more small details that we have seen with iOS 11.4 and that are now available to all users. For example:

  • iOS 11.4 improves the security of the iPhone and iPad by canceling the connection and transmission of data via USB after a week of inactivity.
  • The iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED has arrived these last weeks and with it also a new wallpaper. This new wallpaper is now available by default in the system settings.
  • iSO 11.4 is one of the longest versions that Apple has released. Normally we have versions X.2 and X.3, but rarely an X.4 version. This means that it brings a lot of small and internal changes that improve the security and stability of the system.

Remember that you can download iOS 11.4 on all devices that are compatible with iOS 11. It is an update that is being gradually deployed for all users. To check if it has arrived, go to Settings> General> Software update

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