Intel Pocket PC – Prototype Tablet with Kaby Lake-Y and Full-Fledged Windows 10

Intel Pocket PC
Written by Hassan Abbas

At Computex 2018, Intel demonstrated a number of conceptual devices developed over the last ten years, including a Tiger Rapids laptop with two screens (a similar solution we already saw in the Asus Project Precog). In addition, another interesting prototype called Pocket PC was seen at the manufacturer’s stand. This is the concept of what Intel, the future laptop computer, saw several years ago.

Pocket PC was created two years ago. This device is essentially a small tablet, built on the basis of the Kaby Lake-Y processor. It runs under the operating system Windows and allows you to run full desktop programs. To do this, there is a special docking station, through which you can connect to it a monitor, keyboard, mouse and turn the gadget into a real PC.

Intel Pocket PC

Unlike the same Microsoft Lumia 950, HP Elite x3 and other smartphones that offer a similar solution with Continuum technology, Intel Pocket PC could not work with a cut-down, but with a full version of Windows 10 for PC, due to the x86-processor.

Of course now, when there is already a new version of Windows 10 for ARM with support for x86-applications, the need for this gadget has disappeared. There is no need for mobile Intel processors and special docking stations to erase the line between the smartphone and PC. It is likely that the Pocket PC project will not be implemented, although the concept is certainly interesting.

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