Intel: Do not wait for 10-nm Processors Before the End of 2019

Written by Hassan Abbas

The transition to a new process technology was constantly postponed. Now Intel has promised to release the first 10-nm chips in the second half of 2019.

In April, Intel announced the transfer of the launch of mass production of 10-nanometer chips for 2019. And now the company announced the specific timing of the emergence of processors built on 10-nanometer standards.


Although Intel’s 14-nanometer process technology has proven itself well, the company struggled to develop a more advanced and efficient 10-nanometer production process. Initially, the launch of 10-nanometer chips was planned back in 2015, that is, three years ago. But the timing has shifted many times and in the end, Intel has postponed the transition to a new process technology until 2019. As it became known, the first PC based on 10-nm chips will go on sale in late 2019, in the festive pre-Christmas season. And soon after that, server solutions will also come to the market.

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Until the end of 2018, Intel is going to release new processors, codenamed Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake. They will be produced at 14-nanometer standards.

By the way, Intel already has one 10-nanometer processor. This is presented in May 2018 low-performance Core i3-8121U, which formed the basis of one of the versions of the Lenovo Ideapad 330 laptop. It is released in a limited edition.

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