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Zapya For PC, Windows
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Are you wondering to install Zapya for Windows, Mac, or PC? If yes then you are in the right place. Zapya is the best file transferring app. After the launch of Zapya people got rid of all Shareit disadvantages. It is the full file transferring source where users can move all sorts of files without any limits. A flexible platform that compatibles various platforms, so users can transfer files on cross platforms.

File transfer apps are very important as their communication apps are not enough for this purpose. They manipulate file size restriction and downgrades video, image quality. Currently, we have mentioned lots of amazing file transfer apps. You can also check any of these, they are the best options for Zapya.

Zapya Key Features:

Zapya For PC

Here are the key features of Zapya and the few reasons or causes why we are preferring Zapya over other apps.

  • Zapya can’t force file size restriction like communication giants WhatsApp and Messenger. From KBs to MBs, from MBs to GBs anything is possible to move from Windows to mobiles and vice versa.
  • During transfer videos and images quality will be affected badly. However, the receiver will receive the file when it is sent from the sender.
  • It can’t take too much time for moving GBs of data. Zapya also offers a minimum speed of 15mbs.
  • Various platforms support make users transfer files across different platforms.
  • For group sharing Zapya have QR code technology. For pairing the device to transfer files is very simple or easy, just a simple scanning, can’t slow like Bluetooth.
  • Zapya also compatibles images, videos, documents, PDFs, stock apps, third-party apps, APK files to move one device to another device.
  • Round-about 4 devices can be paired with each other to move data. Just on one click users can move data to the other 3 devices.

Direct Method to Download & Install Zapya For Windows, Mac, & PC:

Zapya For PC, Windows, & Mac

In this method, we don’t want any Android emulators to install Zapya for PC. Officially, Zapya is available on Windows and other compatible devices. This procedure turns on users to install or download Zapya for PC, Windows Laptop, Mac. Also, users can also install Zapya for Mac via this technique.

Step 1:

Head over to the browser on your Windows PC. Google Chrome is a major issue. Head over to the Zapya official website to download and install Zapya for PC, Mac, and Windows or you can also tap on the Download Zapya for PC Windows.

Step 2:

The file size is restricted no so much huge. Still, if you want to improve the speed of download and security use the Proxynel VPN app. It also improves the speed in fact 4 times quicker than normal and will also prevent your download.

Step 3:

After you downloaded Zapya on Windows you simply install it on PC. In the other step, run the setup.exe file to install Zapya, select your preferred installer.

Step 4:

Choose the folder where you like to keep Zapya Software. Automatically Zapya will create its shortcut on PC.

Step 5:

Head over to Zapya from desktop and share or get any file that you like without any restriction.

Method 2 Android Emulator -> Install Zapya File Transfer Sharing App For Windows, PC, or Mac

Zapya For PC, Windows

Now Zapya for PC Windows is available which creates its own space for files and you can then access your internal or external storage.

Step 1:

Install or download and the Bluestacks software and run the interface.

Download: Bluestack

Step 2:

You should then Sign In via the Gmail account. Now type the Zapya App in the search bar and then search it.

Step 3:

After wondering tap on the Zapya app and then click on zapya on install.

Step 4:

Wait a while until the installation gets completes.

Step 5:

When the installation navigates to the home page you can then tap on the Zapya App icon there.

All done!


Zapya no doubt becomes a very successful app also it offers lots of amazing functions with high speed like it share all file format whether is a PDF file, video file or audio and with no size limit.

What are your views about it? Let us know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments section below. Or else, if you like this tutorial then do share it with your friends on social media as well as on Whatsapp groups.

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