Instagram adds identification cards to add contacts

Instagram name tag card
Written by Hassan Abbas

Although it was announced a few weeks ago, it has not been until today when Instagram has added the so-called nametags, a new way for users of the social network to add contacts in a more practical way than the manual insertion of their id. This is done using a kind of customizable card that we can scan with the camera of our smartphone.

From the drop-down menu of our profile, we will see the new option ‘Identification card‘, which we can modify at will and can choose between different formats ( gradients of color, a mosaic of emoticons or a small selfie with our face ). From this same section, we can scan the code of other users focusing on our camera the desired nametag, automatically skipping the profile image and a button to add to that contact as a follow-up.

Instagram name tag card

This is not the only novelty of this latest update, although the other feature is only available for certain areas of the United States: these are the so-called school communities, a new way of grouping users from their school. For this we will have to specify one in our Bio in a new field still in tests, being able to access a group where we can see the rest of the members of that community.

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