In Windows 10‍, the usual volume mixer may disappear

Windows 10‍
Written by Hassan Abbas

In the next major update of its operating system, Microsoft will replace it with a modern UWP application. The latest Windows 10 19H1 update will bring some minor but noticeable changes, including the ability to detach groups of tiles in the Start menu. In addition, Microsoft, apparently, plans to get rid of the old volume mixer, which has always been an integral part of Windows.

In Windows 10 19H1 Build 18272, when choosing the option “Open volume mixer” in the sound menu, a window with the modern parameters of sound devices now appears. Prior to this, the old Volume Mixer application was opened.

Windows 10‍

It is noteworthy that Microsoft has changed only the shortcuts, the outdated mixer is still available through the control panel or by searching for the file name “SndVol.exe”.

By the way, the modern loudness mixer was before. You can find it by the path: Options> System> Sound> Advanced sound settings.

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The 19H1 update is the next major version of Windows 10, which is expected to be released in the first half of 2019, around April. In addition to various innovations and fixes, Microsoft will add a Retpoline patch that should reduce the risk of a potential attack due to Specter v2 vulnerability without losing system performance.

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