In the update 0.6.0 for PUBG Mobile added Royale Pass and a first-person view

PUBG Mobile
Written by Hassan Abbas

The popularity of Fortnite, in particular, is explained by its free. However, this does not prevent Epic Games from earning hundreds of millions of dollars using the Battle Pass, which players buy to stand out on the battlefield. Since PUBG Mobile on mobile, unlike the PC version, is free, it also needed something like that, and today the corresponding update of 0.6.0 was presented.

Meet the Royale Pass. It all works very simply – you get a pass and receive certain rewards, pumping your level. In addition to the standard Royale Pass, there is also Elite, which opens access to more awards.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

Another important innovation of the upgrade was the first-person view. PUBG Mobile is developing at a crazy pace, and if at the start you for some reason dropped the project, now is the time to give him a second chance.

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