In Intel Processors Again Found a Vulnerability Specter

Written by Hassan Abbas

Two enthusiasts discovered a new version of the sensational vulnerability in processors for computers and other equipment.

In early 2018, a wide response was received about the presence of vulnerabilities in most processors produced by AMD, ARM, and Intel. Errors in architecture are called Meltdown and Specter. Almost immediately, the technological giants released patches, which corrected the problem. At the same time, Intel launched the Bug Bounty program, which is designed to attract craftsmen from all over the world to search for errors in the company’s products. For finding the vulnerability, you can get up to $ 250 thousand.



The first, who managed to find gaps in the processors, was Vladimir Kiriansky and Carl Waldspurger, who published detailed material on the identification of vulnerabilities. Intel has already officially confirmed the presence of problems, which, incidentally, are called Specter1.1 and 1.2. Specialists will receive a reward of $ 100 thousand.

Vulnerabilities allow you to extract information from the device, including passwords and bank data. Due to the overwriting of functions and return addresses, malicious code manages to change the priority of CPU processes, so during the attack, the processor performs more iterations of the loop than necessary, thereby causing a buffer overflow.

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At the moment, Intel, ARM, and Microsoft have already stated the problem and started working on its solution, while AMD representatives refrain from commenting. Representatives of Intel published the necessary information on a special page.

Source: Intel

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