Important Things to Keep In Android Mobile

Things To Keep In Android Mobile
Written by Hassan Abbas

Things To Keep In Android Mobile: Our Mobile become a useful device in our life. It has all of our data and all the necessary apps. But, many times we don’t utilize Our mobile. Or certainly, we use only for entertainment purposes. The major function of the mobile is to communicate. Other than this, smartphones can do many things. Here I am going to tell you What are the essential things you should keep in your mobile besides your favorite apps and games.  But, Use this guide as must-have apps and things to keep in android mobile.

All the details and Apps mentioned below is not an alternative to the specifies. They’ll help you where you can’t use the actual devices. However, if you are at home doing your work, using a PC is convenient to compare with the mobiles. Based on your knowledge, select the best scenario. Today, our phones do a lot more than make and receive phone calls with our phones. We can do lots of things from the comfort of our phones. Today, our phones serve as many things. From simple things to complicated. Everyone using various cases. Some use it for alarms while some use it to keep fit, relaxation, view it as a form of recreation.

Essential Things To Keep In Android Mobile (Beyond your Favourite Apps)

Nowadays, Mobile phones become our un-avoidable electronic device in our life. All of our data is on our phone. But, many times, It doesn’t help to face real-world problems. Below are some useful things that should be on our mobile. Also, I made a 25+ list. Here are some necessary apps and items. Based on this, we will be looking at things we should have on our phones beyond our favorite apps, and they include:

Things To Keep In Android Mobile:

  • Scanned copy of all our relevant documents
  • Productive apps
  • Social media apps
  • Offline games
  • Favorite Music
  • Movies
  • Best Camera Apps
  • Cloud Backup for Photos

Access to a Scanned Copy of all the Essential Documents

Our Phones have many features, and they include easy access to our papers. Some individuals scan their primary documents and share them with their emails for emergencies. Because you don’t know when you really need one. With the help of our phones, we can access the relevant documents. I suggest you should use any one of the Cloud backups for the Documents. Also, Install and available them in offline for emergency access.

When you have them only online, In some situations, we want to print documents where Network not available. You should send a shared folder between your family. So, that everyone can access and upload the documents easily.

I am using Google Drive as my document cloud backup as you can access Google Drive everywhere. Also, I created a shared family ID folder. So, our family members can access the documents whenever you need it. When we grow, we all become busy. When they are in their work, we can’t communicate with others in urgent situations to ask them to share the ID proofs. So, creating this kind of folders will help us in a lot of cases.

Productivity Apps

There are many productivity apps that we can access our phones. Mostly installed from the app store while some are already available on the phones. These productive apps include Notes, to-do lists, and fitness apps. Many individuals find themselves in situations where they can’t need to take down some things. Also, they tend to get exercise books and pen to achieve this, but special thanks to notes, we can easily take down anything we want to jot.

Those who are too busy with a lot of things and most times we forget to do some. So to-do list is here to help as it provides you with a platform in which you can jot down. Just serve as a reminder and it the process you achieve all you have to do for that day. Fitness apps can be convenient, especially when you are trying to build your body. They provide you with daily routines also help you to achieve this. Google KeepGoogle Calendar, and Microsoft To-Do are amazing productivity apps.

Social Media Apps

There are many social media apps out there that offer various services. Some are more popular than others. Examples include Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Social media is a world of its own because, from the comfort of our homes, we have the facility to communicate with people from various parts of the world. The best part of some apps is that they don’t just help us to stay connected with others. They update us on things happening around the world.

How to use Social media apps Wisely?

Social media apps are not bad, they help us to stay updated. Just organize your Social media pages as follows. You should follow pages that can make you more productive and Entertain. Yes, you should be on both sides. Follow Dogs, Cats, and Babies page. They can erase your stress by 30 seconds of videos. Also, you can follow what category you like. Following is your choice. But I will provide you some suggestions. You will also feel the change in your mood. Except for these entertainments, try to use Reddit, Quora Pages. These are the sites where you can get experiences from real people.

  • One Trusted News Page
  • Some Cats and Dogs Videos Pages
  • Meme pages
  • Your work-related Pages
  • Tech pages
  • Travel Page
  • Workout Page


Another thing our phones includes the fact that we don’t have to use game consoles to play our favorite games. Using our phones in the comfort of our homes we have access to different games ranging from adventure to action to vocabulary to puzzle games, and the list goes on. Some games need an internet connection to be accessed while Most of them don’t require an internet connection. Make sure you don’t spend too much time on your games. Purchase playing games for 15-30 minutes can enhance your problem-solving skills.

Favorite Music

Music is a universal language among beings. As it serves as a form of relaxation or recreation. Music is life. For those like me, there is this comfort we get from listening to soft music. Music helps to relax the mind. I use music for almost everything. When I’m working, when I’m at the gym or when I’m less busy etc. All I need is my headphones. The headphone is an important part of my life. With our phones, we’ve access to a different good song using an internet connection. We can also install any song by ourselves. Besides searching and downloading music.

Just try to use stream services like Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, and Podcasts. Also, spending time searching for music can annoy us.


Another must-have for our phones is movies. Watching movies is another best form of relaxation. Especially when we bored and less busy. You can also watch videos to pass the time. They’re also difficult for those that are always on the road, and they feel tired and finish sleeping all through the journey. Having these movies, you can use it to pass the time during your trip. Certainly, you realize you don’t know when you get to your destination while watching the movie.

Best Camera Apps

The mobile camera plays a role like DSLR Cameras 😂. Many mobile manufacturers can’t put that big size lens on our mobile. So, they divide the camera into small parts. That’s why the latest mobiles have many cameras. Besides the traditional way of using regular Cameras to take snaps of our phones.

We can take photos anytime and anywhere and as much as we want. If you want the hardcopy, you need a picture printer to get the hard copy. You can still go to the studio and pay them to print your pictures.

Cloud Backup For Photos

Memories are priceless, especially when you spend with your family and loved ones. Using our phones, we can easily take pictures of our family and even have weird photos of family members. Also, our phones have inbuilt albums so we can quickly locate them when we want them. I recommend you to use Cloud backup like Google Photos to back up our pictures.


These are many more things to keep in android mobile/phones.  The mobile is broader than most of us think. In the future very soon our mobile phones will serve the purposes of computers because of the fast rise in the improvement of technology. Mobile phones can come with a virtual assistant- Google Assistant and Bixby. They help performs different functions on the device. I hope that some of my ideas can help you in your daily life. I also, cover most of the essential things that should be on our mobile.

Here’s all about “Things To Keep In Android Mobile”. If you feel I missed any items on the list let me know in the comment section below!

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