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iMazing best Local Encrypted Backup of iOS Devices

iMazing best Local Encypted Backup
Written by Hassan Abbas

iMazing best Local Encrypted Backup: The report by Joseph Menn for Reuters claims that the FBI “about two years ago” force Apple not to encrypt iOS device backups in iCloud. Also, many iPhone users seem unhappy with this news. As another option, restoring your iOS device locally using iTunes on a Mac or Windows PC. However, it enables you to retain ownership over your data versus having the contents of your device on iCloud.

Unfortunately, even local iOS device backups are trouble with shortcomings.

Enter iMazing, DigiDNA’s flagship app that allows you to browse local backups on a computer PC. Also, recover/export data and push deep into an image of the iOS file system without jailbreaking.

While using iCloud Backup choice on iOS, your device saves an encryption key to enable deciphers your data. But Apple also has one which enables it to observe with government requests. Searching a copy of a suspect’s device backup in iCloud.

But badly, local backups via the Finder/iTunes are not encrypted by default.

However, mostly Apple customers don’t know how to perform an encrypted local backup of their iOS device. Due to unencrypted local backups can be browsed by anyone. Apple also excludes confidential data like your Wi-Fi passwords and the Health database from them. Also, Encrypting a local backup ensures no one. Not even Apple itself allow accessing the data within.

Using a free iMazing app, your local iPhone and iPad backups can be end-to-end encrypted with just a few tabs. Also, the backup format is quite similar to iTunes backups. However, simply add a versioning layer so that backups are never overwritten. As it is a nice touch or feel.

You can also set it to automatically back up iOS devices over your Wi-Fi network. Local backups can run on a schedule and can also be set to a custom folder/drive of your choice.

As the iMazing team told me via email:

In our suggestion, creating local backups is not just the only way to do end-to-end encrypted iOS backups. It’s also a way to recover ownership over your data. Also, remember local backups are browsable with iMazing. So you can easily backup your data on a moment’s notice. Also, export it to different formats and dig into an image of the iOS file system without jailbreaking.


Here’s all about iMazing best Local Encrypted Backup. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below. Also, drop a comment if you want to share anything else.

Till then! Keep Smiling 🙂

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