ILIFE A7 – Your Indispensable Home Helper

Written by Hassan Abbas

A series of “smart” robotic vacuum cleaners from ILIFE company is replenished with a new flagship device with advanced technologies.

ILIFE Company presented a new model of robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE A7 – a representative of the manufacturer’s premium line. Like the A8 model, announced at CES 2018, this novelty can boast of a third-generation CyclonePower cleaning system and an “intelligent” component for cleaning planning.



ILIFE A7 received an ultra-slim body (only 7.6 cm), which allows it to pass without any problems under almost any furniture. The top cover is resistant to scratches and damage, and the control panel is protected from splashing in accordance with the IPX4 standard. The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a small LCD-display, which shows the current status of cleaning and other events.

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The advanced CyclonePower system with powerful suction allows the device to perform a deep and effective cleaning of the floor surface in a short period of time. ILIFE A7 is equipped with three-blade side brushes for better dust collection and a floating brush for close contact with the surface.

The ILIFE A7 has four operating modes and two suction levels. The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a system with a set of sensors OBS All-Terrain, which not only allow it to perform complex cleaning tasks but also help it avoid obstacles and jams.



Before you get down to business, the smart house assistant performs zoning of the route, adjusts it in real time and can automatically park on the base for charging. Using the mobile application, users can set a cleaning schedule and check its status, choose cleaning modes, find the location of the robot and much more. You can also operate the device from the remote control.

ILIFE A7 is already available on Amazon in several European countries, as well as on AliExpress for $300.

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