I Can’t Edit Or Delete a Message On Microsoft Teams – Reason’s or Issues

Can’t Edit Or Delete a Message On Microsoft Teams
Written by Hassan Abbas

Can’t Edit Or Delete a Message On Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is the best collaboration tool for Microsoft teams and members. However, they are working simultaneously remotely on a project. It provides you the ability to apparently communicate with each other, open wikis, share files, collaborate on the same project and also share direct messages to your team members.

Depending on your rights, you can even also create new teams, add members to existing teams, invite guests and also share guest URLs. However, sharing guest URLs provides you the ability to invite consultants on a specific project without providing them member rights.

Also, it provides your guest members the ability to collaborate and interact on the project. But you will also refrain them from making any significant modifications to the project or your workflow.

Also, you can use this guest invite choice to invite clients and stakeholders to keep your workflow transparent. Also, it’ll help them to judge ending times, total budgets. Not just this but also keep a proper eye on the progress without direct communication and daily updates daily.

Inviting clients and stakeholders will also provide you the ability to maintain transparency in your enterprise. It helps you to promote a good environment for all your employees.

Besides, Microsoft Teams also provides you the ability to edit and remove your messages. However, you can also remove mistakenly typed messages, correct mistakes and remove messages that were not meant for a specific sender. If you manage several teams at the same time. Then this is an added benefit for you. As your messages can get messed up between various conversation threads during multitasking in-between teams.

Rights/Privileges revoked by your administrator

If you are can’t remove or delete a sent message. Then make sure your administrator disable the ability. Also, this feature helps you to keep a record of all internal conversations without the risk of losing vital messages.

Just try to contact your administrator to reinstate these privileges in case this choice has been mistakenly enabled.

Guest access

You can’t delete your sent messages could also be a sign that you have a guest account using the team. Guest accounts and invites are quite different from team member accounts. They also have an absence of basic message editing and deletion features.

While having a guest account, you can simply ask your administrator to upgrade your privileges and make you a group member of the team in question. Alternatively, if you are a freelancer then your account privileges can’t be upgraded by your administrator.

All in all, if you can’t delete messages then it is seems that this feature has been turned off for you. Also, the whole team by your administrator. The only fix is to get in touch with them and hope for the best.


Here’s all about “Can’t Edit Or Delete a Message On Microsoft Teams”. Have you ever experience with Microsoft Teams? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below.

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