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Hungry Shark World for PC (Windows & Mac) – Download and Install

Hungry Shark World for PC
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Hungry Shark World for PC – the return of the legendary simulator with new even more hungry sharks. The goal of the game has not changed and we will also have to deal with feeding, at first a small shark, actively moving around the open sea and eating tasty fish, people, crabs, octopuses, turtles and avoiding collisions with larger sharks, jellyfish, electric stingrays, fish that can inflict damage on our shark. Also, during the movement, you can find a treasure box in which precious coins are hiding. Coins, in turn, can be spent on the purchase of useful bonuses and various items that can later be found in the ocean. But new species of sharks are opened exclusively for purple crystals, to earn, which is not so simple.

The shark holds the lead among the most frightening living things ever since the first movie, Jaws, was released. Since then, this carnivorous fish is number one among killer fish that could prey on humans. However, if in real life everything is a little more joyful, then in the Hungry Shark World Android game you can become that terrible carnivorous predator, which you don’t feed with bread, but feed fish, mammals, and people! The world’s most famous ever-hungry shark life simulator returns to smartphone screens in the new version!


The most famous game that already managed to play most of Europe, the one that is known to everyone and everyone who likes to slip into games when there is no strength, the mood is terrible, and even someone offended. You can’t imagine a better way to relieve stress.

You are waiting for a wonderful adventure around the world of the Hungry Shark World. Which is completely covered in water. Become a real shark. And, although, at first, you will not be so big and scary. Therefore, in addition to the endless eating of others, do not forget to hide from brothers who are larger in size, jellyfish, electric stingrays, and other creatures, so as not to run into trouble. After all, they can injure a small predator.

Convenient control allows the player to independently determine where his controller is located. The attack occurs by the most ordinary pressing of the screen in any part of it. A shark has only two indicators: life and energy. The first shark swims slowly, weak and frail. But you can create a real monster in this fascinating, bright, colorful game, click to download Hungry Shark World for Android for free with a nice design, nice music and a truly relaxing atmosphere in the form of hunting for the weak and running away from strong opponents. Sharpen your teeth, gentlemen, because this world wants to see the world’s most bloodthirsty shark.

How to Install Hungry Shark World for PC:

  1. To get this amazing app on your PC, you’ll be needing an Android Emulator. The good thing that we have a whole guide for this. Thus you can follow the link and grab the Best Android Emulator for yourself.
  2. However, you can skip the above step if you have already had one on your PC.
  3. Now to install this app, just open the Play Store on your Emulator. Fret not, every emulator has it installed, you just need to open it.
  4. Then Search for Hungry Shark World and click on Install.
  5. The size is small, so it will be downloaded quickly.
  6. Open it from the App Drawer or the Home Screen.
  7. Enjoy!

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