Hungry Dragon will be released on August 30, Pre-Registration is Open

Hungry Dragon for PC
Written by Hassan Abbas

Hungry Shark – one of the most popular series of mobile games in the world. The first part became popular instantly after the release and only acquired new fans as new updates were released. In 2012 there was an improved in all Hungry Shark Evolution.

Then it was Ubisoft, under whose wing the developers built Hungry Shark World – the culmination of what could be obtained from the series. Fortunately, instead of continuing to milk the brand, it was decided to take advantage of its developments and create something new. Thus was born the Hungry Dragon, which will be released on mobile devices 30 August.

Hungry Dragon

In fact, it’s the same thing as Hungry Shark, only the action takes place in the sky. You will have to devour the surrounding scenery of the Middle Ages, local people, and other animals. There will also be a special Fire Rush feature that will allow you to burn everything within sight.

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The game will also be free, but you will find development, new dragons, and items that can be used to improve their capabilities.

Hungry Dragon was in early access mode, and the first touched were satisfied. Visit the official website and go through the preliminary registration to get bonuses by the time of release.

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