HUMU – Column in the Form of a Pillow for $300

HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion
Written by Hassan Abbas

This portable device with surround sound, audible only to the user, can be used almost anywhere.

HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion

HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion

The startup called HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion from Finland collected necessary funds for the production of the pillow column of the same name on the Indiegogo crowdsfund site. Its feature is a voluminous sound that is heard only by the user (if there is no absolute silence or if you do not lean towards the person’s head).

When creating HUMU developers intended to do something between the column and headphones. They wanted the device to reproduce a surround sound (as in cinemas), but it was audible only to the owner of the gadget (and not all around). Apparently, the creators managed to realize their dream. They position the pillow not only as a column for watching movies before going to bed, when the rest of the apartment’s residents are already asleep. According to official announcements, HUMU perfectly reproduces the sound from music games – the pillow can be used not only at home, but anywhere (for example, in a park or train).

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The cushion is quite large: with dimensions of 155 × 480 × 290 mm, the gadget weighs 1.5 kg. According to the manufacturer, the battery will last for 8 hours of battery life, and its durability – 5 years. HUMU interfaces with other devices via Bluetooth (via A2DP protocol) or AUX. Since almost all samples were sold, the price for a pillow is $ 300 (without shares).

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