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Humbird VPN For PC, Windows, & Mac – Free Download

Humbird VPN
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If you are looking for a very fast and stable VPN for your PC, try HumBird VPN. Humbird VPN is a unique VPN tool developed by FreeVPNService. Nowadays, security and privacy are becoming a major problem for everyone. However, with HumBird VPN you can recover from such problems. HumBird VPN hides your real IP address. If you use this VPN, the network service provider may find that your IP address is the address of the Humbird VPN server and not your actual IP address. In this way, you can easily protect your privacy. Download HumBird VPN for PC now and enjoy these amazing features.

The HumBird VPN tool is officially for Android devices, but it’s also for Windows and Mac users. You can download and use Humbird VPN for PC via Android emulators. Try a new experience after downloading it to your PC, which you haven’t done before.

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What can Humbird VPN do for you?

1. Hide your real IP address:

After using Humbird VPN, the internet service provider only sees the IP address of the Humbird server instead of the actual IP address, which can protect your actual IP address.

2. Encrypt your network connection

By using WiFi in public networks such as KFC, shopping centers, etc., others can view your browsing history, email content, and password. By using Humbird VPN, your network connection is encrypted with 256 military levels so that your information and messages can be transmitted securely over unsecured WLAN.

3. Examine web content with regional restrictions

Some web content is only available for certain regions but After using the Humbird VPN-specific regional server node, you can search the restricted content as freely as the inhabitants of the country.

4. Humbird VPN offers server nodes in dozens of countries and regions around the world that you can choose freely and the number of servers increases.

How do I use Humbird VPN?

1) You need to click the big round button to open the VPN (also click again to close it if you don’t need it).
2) Click on the current node or also freely select the server nodes in different regions.
3) Click the “More” page, log in also drag to receive the coins, and exchange VIP traffic with the coins to use the VIP channel.
4) VIP traffic has an expiry date and the exchange of new VIP traffic before expiry extends the period of validity of all VIP traffic;

Further tips for Hummingbird VPN:

Humbird VPN uses a 256-bit encryption algorithm and does not register any records. Your network access records are only known to you.
Normal connection channels can be used immediately.
High-speed VIP channels must use coins to exchange high-speed VIP traffic before they can be used. All you have to do is take the initiative to log in or draw a lottery to get free coins.


1) The only publishing channel for this application is Google Play as its Other channels are not official.
2) This application is for legal use only for scientific research, entertainment, etc but its use for illegal purposes is strictly prohibited.
3) This application is not distributed in mainland China.
4) Downloading or using this application is considered a complete understanding and acceptance of the above statement.

How to download and install HumBirdVPN for PC

You should purchase an Android emulator (such as BlueStacks) to download and install the HumBirdVPN application on your PC. With the help of the BlueStacks Application Player, you can run and also use HumBirdVPN on your PC. Let’s see the step-by-step process of downloading and installing HumBirdVPN for PC.

Step 1 (Download BlueStacks):

First, you need to download the Android emulator as “BlueStacks Android Emulator” go to our Guide and follow the given steps.

Step 2 (Install BlueStacks):

After completing the downloaded file, double click on it. Then install the BlueStacks application on your computer.

Step 3 (look for the HumBirdVPN):

You can see the BlueStacks interface when the installation is complete. Now touch the search bar and enter the name HumBirdVPN.

Step 4 (set up Google Play Store):

Touch the HumBirdVPN application icon when you get the search results. You should now allow the App Store. Click “Next” and enter your Gmail ID to repair the “Google Play Store“.

Step 5 (download HumBirdVPN):

Now you can download the HumBirdVPN application by clicking the “Install” button.

Step 6 (Use HumBirdVPN for PC):

It will take some time to download the application but when you’re done, go to the BlueStacks Emulator home page. The application options can be found on the menu.
Go to my applications where you can also get the HumBirdVPN application. Now you must also click on it to use the HumBirdVPN application on your PC.


  • HumBirdVPN is completely free for consumers.
  • It offers a VIP mode that gives users tremendous options.
  • For example, this VIP mode gives consumers more server options.
  • This application is very simple and easy to connect and use.
  • With just one click on the rocket icon, you also get a quick connection to a server.
  • Allow users to ignore Internet censorship.
  • Here you can select the server you need for the special VIP private case.
  • You can update it regularly.
  • It has a simple and simple interface.


  • The main disadvantage of this device is its slow speed.
  • Restricted server options.


HumBird VPN is a free application that is very important for internet users. It offers the consumer the possibility of anonymity and also ignores online restrictions. However, you can rest assured that this application will do your work online.

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