Huawei Threatens Samsung’s First Place and Xiaomi Pushes Apple to Fourth Place

Written by Hassan Abbas

The world market moves, and these movements are produced by the tendencies of each one of the territories that compose it. That is why it is interesting to know what happens in China, even if we are too far away, or in the United States. Or, as in this case, know what is happening in the Spanish mobile market. As the latest figures confirm the strong irruption of Xiaomi, now a local brand with full rights.

We commented in his day that Xiaomi, despite not selling directly, was already the fourth brand in Spanish territory. The data of the first quarter of the year show that it has passed to Apple and is already third. But there is more data to comment, such as the tremendous rise of Huawei and the danger that runs the throne of Samsung. Let’s see what Canalys tells us about the Top 5 of mobile manufacturers in Spain in the first quarter of 2018.


Unstoppable Huawei and the explosion of Xiaomi

The Spanish market has been quite stable for years, with a Samsung that led the national scene with good sales and without too many problems. But things seem to threaten to change and the fault lies with Huawei, which in the last year has grown by 31.2% with respect to Q1 of 2017 and which already puts its share at 23% nationwide.

That makes Samsung, with its 23.9% and a drop of 7.1% over last year, is already less than one percentage point of the Chinese manufacturer. But the tail of the first five manufacturers of the ranking also moves, due to a Xiaomi that has broken in strongly and that accumulates 14.1% in the first quarter. Unable to compare with the previous year because, in fact, it was not yet officially in Spain.

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The irruption of Xiaomi has caused, among other things, that Apple becomes the fourth mobile manufacturer in the country. 12.9% of the boys of Cupertino come after a fall of 6.7%, and already has Xiaomi to 1.2 percentage points ahead, with the threat of these to continue to grow over the months. The advantage of Apple, to call it somehow, is that the fifth manufacturer, bq, is too far away.

It seems unlikely that bq will come to hunt Apple, but it may worry in Cupertino that Xiaomi takes off too much

bq is in fifth place with a 3.6% share, 9.3 percentage points away from Apple, the fourth classified in Spain in this first quarter of the year. Almost nine points are the much mobile difference, but it seems unlikely that Apple will fall from that fourth place, because the sales of the Cupertino giant remain fairly stable over time, with very faithful users who renew their phones regularly.

Be that as it may, the ground of the Spanish mobile market moves. The growth of Huawei in a year threatens Samsung, and Xiaomi could even hunt down his compatriots if his rise proves constant. The time when everything was stability and calm is not so far away, but the Chinese front comes with strength, and both new and old seem to want to take over the world. At the moment, they are second and third in Spain.

Via: Canalys

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