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Huawei has created the first lithium-silicon battery

Written by Hassan Abbas

A new type of battery will increase the charging speed. It will find its use in smartphones and other devices. The Chinese company Huawei has announced a new type of battery for electronic devices. This is the first lithium-silicon battery on the market that guarantees an improved charging speed and at the same time high safety.

According to representatives of Huawei, in the new battery, they replaced the graphite anodes with silicon ones, since the latter increases the durability of the battery and its ability to maintain a charge. Ultra-fast charging is achieved through the use of a three-dimensional cellular carbon coating, which is characterized by high conductivity. Huawei believes that with the new technology, the smartphone market is undergoing big changes.


“Just as multitouch technology has changed the performance of displays, Huawei’s ultra-fast charging technology will determine how people use their smartphones and can solve nomophobia problems – the fear of being left without a mobile phone or away from it,” Huawei said.

The Chinese manufacturer adds that innovative technology is based on the achievements of electrochemical kinetics that allow batteries to support fast charging with greater power and current efficiency. Through the use of a carbon frame doped with nitrogen, Huawei has been able to achieve improved stability intercalation and lithium deintercalation. Unfortunately, Huawei does not give any exact numbers. Nor does the company say when the commercial production of new lithium-silicon batteries will begin.

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It is worth noting that this is Huawei’s second major breakthrough in the industry over the past two years. At the end of 2016, the company announced a revolution in the development of high-temperature batteries. Then she managed to achieve improved performance of lithium-ion batteries due to the use of graphene in their design.

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