Huawei and Xiaomi Found Another Spy

Written by Hassan Abbas

The application steals user data and sends it to the analytic company server for targeted advertising.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, some inexpensive smartphones sold in emerging markets contain pre-installed applications that secretly collect personal data from users. We have written about such things more than once, so for many of our readers, this is not a surprise. However, this time we are not talking about some nameless producers, but about large companies like Xiaomi and Huawei.

According to the publication, one of such applications is the mobile client of the research company GMobi, which collects information about users for advertising purposes. The program was found on smartphones sold in Myanmar, Cambodia, Brazil, India, and China. Analyzing the application, Upstream Systems specialists saw that GMobi along with general information sends IMEI, MAC-address and in some cases the location data to the servers in Singapore.



The site GMobi stated that the company cooperates with more than 100 manufacturers, and its reach reaches 150 million users of Android-devices. Among the partners GMobi – Huawei, Xiaomi, and BLU, although they all deny any connection with the analytical company. The head of GMobi Paul Wu told the WSJ that he has an agreement with the manufacturers to pre-install the application, and in this, his company does not violate any laws.

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It should be noted that in some countries, such as India and Bangladesh, do not take into account the right to privacy of personal data, there are not even rules governing the collection of personal information. As practice shows, recently this is not always followed in the US and Europe.

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