HTC Continues to Die. The Company’s Revenue from Smartphones fell to $72 Million

HTC Continues to Die
Written by Hassan Abbas

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has published its operating results. As reported by Reuters, in June, the company’s sales declined by 68%, which was the largest decline in the last two years. This is a consequence of ongoing problems associated with the loss of market share amid growing competition with other manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung, and even Xiaomi.

Sales of smartphones HTC last month amounted to $72 million, in May this figure was slightly more – $80 million. Compared to the same period last year, then the company’s revenue was $230 million.

HTC Continues to Die

Analysts of the research firm Trendforce say that sales of flagship HTC smartphones in the premium segment this year were much lower than expected. This led to a significant decrease in the company’s market share. In the middle and initial segments, HTC could not offer customers anything interesting, the new models of the manufacturer’s devices could not boast of either decent features or a good price-quality ratio. Trendforce expects that this year HTC will be releasing new models of smartphones less often, the volume of production is expected to be less than 2 million units.

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Last week, HTC announced plans to cut almost a quarter of its staff – about 1,500 workers will be fired at factories in Taiwan. For the current year, the company’s shares fell in price by 30%. But in fact, once HTC released one of the best smartphones in the world.

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