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How to View locations that Allow Apple Pay in Apple Maps

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Written by Hassan Abbas

Apple Pay in Apple Maps: Apple Pay is an easy way to pay for all kinds of things these days. However, you just Not only instantly send your familiar couple of bucks in Messages. But you can also use Apple Pay at gas stations, pharmacies, restaurants, and more. However, Just look for the logo and you can pay with your iPhone and without reaching for your wallet.

So, if you’re ready to go or just getting on the road and plan to make a few pauses, why you do not view those sites accept Apple Pay a couple of times? This makes easy planning and saves your time from some troubles.

Check for Apple Pay in Maps on iPhone and iPad

Use the Maps app on your iPhone or iPad and lead to the area you’re planning to pause. Then, do the following.

Step 1:

Firstly, Click an area on the map that you want to view.

Step 2:

Now, Swipe up from the bottom to see the area’s details.

Step 3:

Next thing is to Know that section and look for the Apple Pay symbols with a checkmark for Accepts Apple Pay.

Check for Apple Pay in Maps on Mac

With the Maps app open and your planning in progress, follow these steps to view which spots accept Apple Pay.

Step 1:

Firstly, Choose an area on the map that you want to view.

Step 2:

Also, Tap the Information icon (small letter “i”) for that area.

Step 3:

Now move down tor the Useful section to know and look for the Apple Pay sign with security for Accepts Apple Pay


Here’s all about “Apple Pay in Apple Maps”. Finding out if the places you want to stop along your route accept Apple Pay is handy for your planning. However, this allows you ready ahead of time to use your device to pay besides digging out your wallet.

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