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How to View Google Location History Multiple Devices

Google Location History Multiple Devices
Written by Kelly Houstan

Android tablets and mobile phones basically have the ability in order to report your location to online services. Mostly with pinpoint accuracy, if the device has GPS capability. Knowing your location, and tracking your location history is really important for many android apps. Just read this article to know about How to View Google Location History Multiple Devices.

Such as a weather widget on your home screen would be really useful if it displayed the weather in your current location instead of in a pre-set home location. All locations based services e.g. Google Maps, Location History, SAT Nav, etc depend on the location service.

In this tutorial, we will basically look at how device tracking and reporting works and how can you manage it as well as how you can find the location of a lost device as well.

The Location Service or Location reporting service

The Location service runs in the background on your tablet or phone and then calculates your current location via a variety of methods. Apps that are running on the device that needs location information request it from the location service. They can then use this location information accordingly too.

For example:

The Google location history service will basically use it in order to update your location history on Google Maps A SAT NAV App will basically use it to display your current location and calculate your route. You can avoid Apps accessing your location information through turning the Location setting Off. guys If you do that Apps that rely on knowing your location e.g. SAT NAV will not really work.

Android Location Settings

  • In order to change location settings go to:
    • Settings>Personal>location
  • Then urn the location service on via pressing the selection button, blue is on.

Mode – Location Accuracy on Android Devices

The location service has many ways that it can determine the device location. This is important because not all devices are equipped along with GPS, and GPS doesn’t work very well indoors. Tap on the mode link in order to set the mode for the device. Here is a screenshot that shows the location detection modes taken from Google support.

Google Location History Multiple Devices

GPS is actually the most accurate but it doesn’t really work if the device is indoors. Sat Nav Applications may also need this for turn-by-turn navigation. But GPS consumes battery power. Wi-Fi can also be really accurate (around 50m ), however, can also give some really strange readings. Because of the way it Maps access pointsHigh accuracy is probably the best setting in most circumstances as well.

Apps Requesting Location Services

Underneath the mode setting, you guys will see a list of apps or services that have recently requested device location information from the location service as well. In the screenshot above there are many Google Apps and services. An SAT Nav App and also an Airline App.

How to View Google Location History Multiple Devices

You can turn on Google location history for the device, and for a Google account as well. If you have many Google accounts on the device then you can turn on each individually. When you enable the Google location history service it will then regularly report your device location to a Location History service running on the Web as part of Google Maps as well.

To do that your device require:

  • To be connected to the Internet.
  • Have Location enabled.
  • Also, have a registered Google account.
  • Has Location History Enabled for the Google account?

Although the location history basically tracks the device location it is associated along with a Google account. A Google account can log the location history of multiple devices, and location history for a device can also be sent to multiple Google accounts.

The Screenshot below that actually shows the Location history settings on my Nexus tablet that has two Google accounts configured. You guys can see that I can set the location history not only for that device. However, also for my other tablet (GT()H) which is also configured in order to use the same Google accounts.

You guys can turn location history on or off for each and every device registered to the google account. If you guys have multiple devices via the same Google account. Then it is possible to appear to be in two places at one time as the location history doesn’t actually differentiate between devices. Your location history is save on the Internet as part of Google Maps as well.

Viewing Your Location History

You can view your location history by going to the Google location history page that is part of Google maps. The timeline tracks all of the places you guys have visited on a day-by-day basis, and how you actually traveled. It can be really useful when trying to remember the names of places that you have visited. However, you may find it a little disturbing how much information is collected as well.

You can turn off Google location history from the web interface via tapping on the pause location history in the bottom right. This basically turns off location tracking for all the devices on this account.

Delete Your Location History

You guys can delete all your location history or the history for individual days.

In order to delete all location history find the gear icon on the map and then tap on it you should see the option in order to delete all location history. To delete individual location history for individual days you have to open the day in the timeline and tap on the trash can and tap on it.

Location Sharing Service

This also lets you share your location with family and friends. In order to enable it just click on the location sharing (on location page) and the email addresses of people, you guys want to share your location with. It is easier if they also have a Google account, however, possible even if they don’t. Here are the instructions from Google as well.

They can view your location and track your position through going to Google maps signing in and choosing the location sharing option from the menu as well. When they log on to Google maps your location will also appear on the Map. This is a really useful feature, as imagine you have to meet someone at an airport or train station. Then if they share their location with you, then you would know exactly where they were at any time.

Device Management- Find My Device

Note: The old android device manager is now also called find my device.

Find my device is a web based service provided via Google that permits you in order to locate and remotely manage your Android devices.

If you want to use Find my device you must have:

  • Enable Find my device actually
  • Have location services or reporting enabled
  • The device must be turn on as well
  • The device must connect to the Internet too
  • Sign in to a Google account actually.

How to turn off Find my Device

You have to go to Google settings via the Google settings gear icon. Tap on Security and then click Find My device. Turn off options (mostly both)

Through Find My device

You can also use it to:

  • First, locate the device.
  • Then reset the lock screen
  • Erase all of your Data as a security precaution as well.

You can use the device manager to manage multiple devices that are used via the Google account holder. To use it just go to and then enter the user name and password of a Google account. That is being used on the device that you want to manage.

Note: If you are logged in then you can also do a Google search to find my phone.

You should see a screen just the same as the one show below: In the screenshot above I have two devices via the Google account and I can manage both of them. When you tap on the device to choose it the device manager will attempt to contact the device. It displays the location on the map to the right, and the last seen time, and the battery status that is next to the device. A notification will also appear on the device as well. You guys can now take any of the actions described previously as well.


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