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How to View Full Song Lyrics Apple Music

View Full Song Lyrics Apple Music
Written by Hassan Abbas

View Full Song Lyrics Apple Music: Searching what the lyrics are to a song on Apple Music? Do you like to read using the lyrics while enjoying a song, or maybe you like to confirm what that song is actually singing? Apple Music makes it quite easy to view full song lyrics within the Music app on the iPhone and iPad.

This guide will display you how to easily check song lyrics using the Music app. However, the song in your local device or on an online playlist the feature works exactly the same.

If you just like to view all lyrics in one place, or your device is running a traditional version of iOS, you can view full lyrics for supported songs on Apple Music. However, it works exactly the same on the iPad and iPhone using the Music app and Apple Music service.  So come let’s check out how you can use this amazing feature to view the song lyrics for a song of your selection.

How to View Full Lyrics Using Apple Music on iPhone or iPad

Here’s how you can easily view full song lyrics in Apple Music:

Step 1:

Initially, Open Apple Music on iPhone or iPad, and then play a song if you have not done so already.

Step 2:

In the playback menu, click on the “triple-dot” icon right next to the title of the song.

Step 3:

A pop-up menu appears from the bottom of your screen. Here, click on “View Full Lyrics”.

Step 4:

You should also be able to move through the whole lyrics here. To back out of the lyrics section, just click on the playback bar at the bottom.

You can now view the full lyrics of any song in Apple Music.

You can also read through them and memorize the song. Also, confirm what some lyrics were, or just marvel at the prose of a specific artist.

This all supposes that the song supports and includes lyrics anyway, but not all songs do. If the song does not display any lyrics, it may be due to it’s from a ripped CD of your personal library. Also, it’s rare composition or recording, or it just hasn’t had lyrics added to the Apple Music catalog yet.

You can also view the lyrics of any song in Apple Music that is streamed live using the service, or saved locally on your iPhone or iPad. However, the music is in the Music app on your iOS or iPadOS device you’ll be able to view the lyrics this way.

As mentioned earlier, you can also use a separate feature to view live lyrics, moving lyrics karaoke-style on Apple Music that is best for singing along or just matching words to a part of a song.


Did you use to browse through song lyrics in Apple Music? Enjoy browsing through lyrics using Apple Music, and let us know your suggestions, experiences, and opinions in the comments section below.

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