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How to Use Steam Link on Android & Play Your Steam Games

Steam Link
Written by Hassan Abbas

Steam Link is a small device launched by Valve in 2015 that allows us to send the contents of our PC to a television connected to the same Wi-Fi network to play video games on the platform. Now it’s the turn of the official Steam Link application that does not need any external hardware beyond having a terminal with Android 5.0 or higher and can even install it on Android TV. We explain how to configure it.

Steam Link
Steam Link
Developer: Valve Corporation
Price: Free

How to Use Steam Link on Android

Step 1: First of all, we must have our PC with the Steam client installed and open. After this, we can start the app, and access to Settings to the section of devices to associate it (both devices must be connected to the same network).

When choosing it, a four-digit code will appear and we will have to enter it in a pop-up window on PC. We will also be notified in the PC client that special audio transmission drivers must be installed that will require restarting the client.

Steam Link

Step 2: The next step will be to select the external control system if it exists. If we have a Steam Controller we will have to update its firmware before connecting it by cable to the PC. With this, we will enable the possibility of using it as a Bluetooth device without using the dongle it incorporates.

Now we will have to match it to our Android device in the corresponding section of our terminal for that purpose, and that varies according to the customization layer we have. Beyond this, we can use any other compatible Bluetooth control system, be it the reliable Xbox wireless controller or one of the many gamepads with clips to fit our smartphone to it. Without a doubt, the latter is the best option.

Steam Link

Step 3: The last step should be to configure the network in the section Streaming settings, where, in addition to selecting a profile from the three available, we can get into the advanced options to limit the resolution of salvia or the maximum bandwidth in case Let’s go network just.

Let’s go straight: for the gaming experience to be dignified enough we should have connected our PC to the cable router and that it has 5GHz wifi. If not, we will have a small lag input that will make things difficult in games where you need to have quick reflexes.

Steam Link

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