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How to Use “Reply To” Feature in Mail – Tutorial

Use "Reply To" Feature in Mail
Written by Hassan Abbas

You may have seen this when you are emailing a business; a different Reply-To address than the one you received the email from. Companies and organizations can use this when they want replies to go to a particular mailbox. And if your business uses the Mail application on Mac, then you can do the same. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Use “Reply To” Feature in Mail on Mac.

Although it does not currently appear to be a feature in Mail on iOS, it is on macOS. So here is how you can know to use that Reply To field in Mail.

Add and use the Reply To feature in Mail

Use "Reply To" Feature in Mail

You can show and also hide the Reply To field anytime you like in Mail on Mac. So open the application and then click to compose a new message. Then, follow these simple steps.

  • Tap the header fields button in the toolbar or View from the menu bar.
  • Select  Reply To Address Field.

You will then see that field added to the top of your email. And that field will show for all new messages that you create. Follow the same steps if you want to hide it again if necessary, by unchecking it.

Those who receive your emails should see the Reply To email address now. However, if depending on their email app they do not, when they click the Reply button it will go to the address you specify in that field.

When you compose your email, tap in the Reply To field and add the email address that you want to use. This field works the same as the To, CC, and BCC fields as well. So, you can start entering an address or contact’ name and then pick a suggestion that displays or click the plus sign in order to select a contact.


Adding a Reply-To email address for your business mails is actually a great way to use the feature. But you can probably think of a few others, such as directing people from your old to your new email address.

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