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How To Use Or Play Spotify On Alexa

Use or play Spotify on Alexa
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to use or play Spotify on Alexa? While enjoying listening to music on your devices, then you might have more than one app for it. Apple Music is a dreadful option that enables you to play playlists and songs on any of your Apple devices. However, Spotify is another best choice for hearing the tunes you love.

Using Alexa, just tune in and enable your Spotify music. Whether you are on your Amazon or iPhone smart speaker. Come let’s check how to use and play Spotify music with Alexa.

Get the Spotify skill

Spotify has an official skill that is available in the Alexa app. So, head over to Alexa on your iPhone and then follow these steps to get and turn on the Spotify skill.

Step 1:

Click the menu button located on the top left of the Alexa app and select Skills & Games.

Step 2:

In the search box located at the top, input in “Spotify”. Once you’re currently on your iPhone, you can click this link directly to the Spotify skill.

Step 3:

The first result must be the official Spotify app. But you might have to move down a bit if not. Move ahead and choose the skill.

Step 4:

Click Enable to Use.

Step 5:

Simply log in to your Spotify account while prompted and Accept the conditions or terms if you agree. You’ll then view a confirmation that your Spotify account was successfully established.

Simply close that screen and the Skill Settings screen as well once you’re all set. Then, provide Alexa commands to play music, a podcast, Discover Weekly, or a radio station “on Spotify”.

Use Spotify as your default music app

If you want Spotify to be your default music player on Alexa, this is a quick adjustment. Open Alexa and do the following:

Step 1:

Click the menu button located at the top left of the Alexa app and select Settings.

Step 2:

Under Alexa Preferences, choose Music & Podcasts.

Step 3:

Click Default Services.

Step 4:

Under Music, click Change if Spotify is not your default.

Step 5:

Click Spotify on the list that shows.

Simply follow the same steps to make it your default for Arts and Genre Stations or Podcasts that are right under the Music.

After making Spotify your default, you don’t have to include “on Spotify” to each of your commands.


Here’s all about “Use or play Spotify on Alexa”. After using an Amazon Echo using Alexa and simply happen to love Spotify for your music. Then it is the best way to make listening to your tunes quite simply or easily.

What’s your favorite music app? Is this article helpful? Is it Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, or something quite different? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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