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How to use Google Pay and Whether it’s safe

Google Pay
Written by Hassan Abbas

Google’s payment service turns a smartphone into a convenient wallet for quick payment of goods and services.

What is Google Pay and how does it work?

Google Pay – formerly known as Android Pay – is a service that allows you to pay for purchases in stores, on websites and in applications through a smartphone.

Google Pay can be used in any stores and other locations where terminals for contactless payment are installed. You probably already saw such devices at the ticket offices and brought to the bank cards for writing off money.

For payment via Google Pay, it’s enough to bring the smartphone to such a terminal instead of a card. This is more convenient since the gadget is always at hand and take advantage of it faster than getting the right card or cash from your wallet. Moreover, several cards can be connected to the smartphone. Internet for payment is not needed.

Google Pay

With regard to online purchases: sites and applications that accept money through Google Pay, display on the payment screen a button with the logo of this service. If you see this, you need to click on it and follow further prompts on the smartphone’s display.

This way eliminates the need to enter card data each time and thereby greatly speeds up the process.

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What devices and banks support Google Pay

With Google Pay, all smartphones that run on Android 4.4 and above are compatible. In addition, so that you can pay through the terminals, your phone must support the technology of wireless NFC data transfer.

You can check the version of the operating system in the machine settings by clicking “System” → “About phone”.

To check NFC support, look for the appropriate item in the settings. If it is, the smartphone supports NFC. If you do not find such a function on your own, specify its presence in the device on the manufacturer’s website.

If you received on your phone root access, Google Pay may refuse to work.

The number of banks that support Google Pay is constantly expanding. On the site of the service, you can see the current lists for your and other countries. Near the name of each bank you will see the types of its cards – whether it’s debit or credit, Visa or MasterCard – that can be connected to Google Pay.

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How to connect and set up Google Pay

Google Wallet
Google Wallet
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Step 1: Install a free Google Pay app on your smartphone.
Step 1: Open the system settings and turn on NFC.
Step 1: Configure the screen lock using a PIN, password, pattern, or fingerprint.
Step 1: Launch Google Pay and follow the instructions of the card connection program.

How to pay for purchases in stores

Step 1: If the amount exceeds $16.15, unlock the smartphone screen. If not, simply turn on the backlight.
Step 1: Hold the mobile device with the back panel to the terminal and wait for further instructions. You do not need to run the Google Pay app.
Step 1: Follow the prompts on the smartphone screen. Most likely, the application will simply ask you to enter the PIN-code from the card.
Step 1: If you have connected several cards to the service and want to pay for the purchase through a card that is not listed as the primary one in Google Pay, launch the application before purchasing. Open the “Maps” section, select the required one and bring the smartphone to the terminal.

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Is Google Pay Secure?

Google assures that payment through Google Pay is safe. All financial data is encrypted and stored on secure servers. In addition, when paying the seller does not even get your card number: instead, he sees only the virtual account number that is assigned to each card.

Google Pay can only be used when the screen lock is configured. This protects your cards from outsiders who do not know your PIN, password or pattern and cannot pass a fingerprint check. If you disable the blocking feature, the application will delete the virtual invoices associated with the cards for security reasons.

If the smartphone is lost or it is stolen, you can track the device, block or erase all the data from it with the help of the Find Device service.

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Can I pay for purchases through a smart clock?

You can use the service on a smartwatch. At the moment the function works on the territory of Australia, Great Britain, Spain, Canada, USA, Poland, and Russia. On watches that support Google Pay, the service application is available from the box.

Setting up and using the service on the clock is almost the same as on the smartphone. Only before payment, you need to manually start the Google Pay app. The smartphone itself for payment through the clock is not needed.

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