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How To Use Bear Voice In Snapchat

Bear Voice In Snapchat
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to use bear voice in Snapchat Filter’? Snapchat is one of the most commonly used social media platforms. However, it may quite similar to Instagram but comes with more amazing features. They all are inventors. Many other Social platforms always copy their concept and style with slightly different features. Also, Snapchat poses more security than every other similar social media platform. You can’t log in to a Snapchat account on two devices. Many people prefer using Snapchat. But special thanks to its lots of features and amazing video effects.

But besides all other features, Snapchat filters always excites us. Not only they add stunning AR effects, but they can also collaborate with your ‘friends list’ to make even more personalized filters. However, the company has opened up lots of amazing filters to choose from!

Snapchat is an amazing app for sharing quick snaps with your loved ones. However, the attraction remains the fact that its pictures and texts disappear within 24 hours. It leaves no trace of a conversation. But do you know that Snapchat provides a hidden voice filter function?

Voice Filters On Snapchat

Voice Filters On Snapchat

Well, imagine that you have updated your app since 2017. However, you must already have the feature turned on your account. Voice filters, as the name suggests, modify the tone of your voice. However, Snapchat’s camera filters caught our not separated attention, voice filters are an amazing way to add spice in your snap.

If you want to access your voice filters, simply launch the Snapchat app, then record a video. However, the video must have audio for the voice filters to work.

Now click and hold the volume button located under the left corner of your snap. You might already know about this button. Clicking it mutes your snap. But if you click and hold down, then it brings up a menu with various other voice filters.

Get Bear Voice On Snapchat

Voice Filters On Snapchat


However, there’s nothing to it. You can also use voice filters on the latest snaps or also making videos from your camera roll. If you want to use a voice filter on a video using your camera roll then just move up from the camera screen and choose the video.

There are 4 voice filters to select from:

  • Chipmunk: High pitched like Calvin.
  • Bear: Low pitched and gravelly.
  • Robot: Mechanical and robotic (duh).
  • Alien: Higher pitched and Garbled.

If you want to use the bear voice on your snap, then record your snap, then click and hold on the volume button under the left corner. Choose the bear, to quickly hear a preview.

Now move ahead and share out your pictures to impress your loved ones with your bear voice filter.

Tip: You can also try to match the bear voice filter using a scary AR filter for effect good. Here are some filters to get you started; Spooky by AngelScary Mask by SnapchatEvil by Juliette Meyer.

How to erase the bear filter

If you want to get rid of the voice filter that you have added to your snap. Just click the volume button under the left corner. The first click will erase the filter. If you click it again, your snap will successfully mute.


Now you come to know how to use voice filters on Snapchat. Voice filters are a little hidden feature as people can’t click and hold on the mute button. Also, Snapchat’s have manual can’t look to reference the feature. If you have any queries and questions then let us know in the comment section below!

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