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How to Use Apple Watch Handwashing Feature On watchOS 7

Apple Watch Handwashing Feature On watchOS 7
Written by Hassan Abbas

Are you ready to use Apple watch handwashing feature on watchOS 7? In watchOS 7 for Apple Watch, Apple launched handwashing detection. However, it helps users to wash their hands properly to keep bacteria or viruses at bay.

Washing your hands is an important aspect of protection against getting sick and securing the spread of germs. But only if you do it perfectly – and some people don’t. One highlighted by Apple displayed that as many as 95% of us either wash fast, use water without soap or please don’t wash at all.

If you want to increase the chances of handwashing. Then your ‌Apple Watch‌ can show a countdown to help you to wash your hands for a few seconds. The countdown depends on the haptic feedback when it begins and ends, so you don’t want to interact or communicate with or look at your ‌Apple Watch‌ to use it.

Also, the handwashing timer will automatically appear on your wrist whenever you begin washing your hands. That’s due to ‌watchOS 7‌ can accept after you rub your hands and will listen out for the sound of running water and soap being used.

How to Use Apple Watch Handwashing Feature On wathOS 7

Here’s how to turn on the Handwashing feature on ‌Apple Watch‌ running ‌watchOS 7‌ or later.

Step 1:

Head over to the Settings app on your ‌Apple Watch‌.

Step 2:

Move down and click Handwashing.

Step 3:

Toggle the switch located next to Handwashing Timer to the green ON position.

Step 4:

Do the same on the switch next to Handwashing Reminders, if required. (When turned on, you’ll get an alert if you can’t wash your hands for few minutes of returning home.)

View Handwashing Stats on iPhone

Step 1:

At first, launch the Health app on your ‌iPhone‌.

Step 2:

Click the Browse tab.

Step 3:

Look for Handwashing using the Search field.

Step 4:

Click the Handwashing result.

Then use the above tabs the chart to view your handwashing history over the week, day, month, or year.


So, here is a comprehensive guide of using the hand wash feature in the new Apple watch. Have you ever experienced it? If yes, then share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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