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How to Unlock Bootloader & Root Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Root Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
Written by Hassan Abbas

Samsung Galaxy S20 is the latest flagship launched in early 2020. All 3 latest Samsung Galaxy S20 phones packed with next-level and amazing specs including 120Hz refresh rate. In this series, three phones are available including Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra. You can easily judge that the S20 Ultra is the pro variant and comes with outstanding cameras. These all three phones perform well in daily use. However, you can also root your phones. Here in this guide, you’ll learn How to Root Samsung S20 Plus and unlock bootloader on Galaxy S20 Plus.

Make sure all three S20 phones can be rooted in the same procedure. So if you have all three phones then you can follow our step by step article. However, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with a quad rear camera setup while the other two phones come with the less powered camera hardware. Also, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra they all three comes with Snapdragon 865 processor.

However, with flagship-level hardware, the S20 series comes with the OneUI interface. Also, it offers impressive features like one-handed operation and customization. But if you want advance features then Rooting brings advance features to any Smartphone device. Make sure but it needs the bootloader to be unlocked. And so in our article, we’ll also discuss how to unlock bootloader on Samsung S20. Come let’s begin:

Root Samsung Galaxy S20 & S20 Plus

Previously rooting Samsung phones was quite easier but now it becomes more difficult to root Samsung devices especially the phones launching in 2020 or after. It means that rooting is more complex or difficult but not impossible. There are some easy methods to root Galaxy S20 Plus. We can also flash Magisk using a custom recovery or flash patched file using the Odin flash tool. Well, if you want to root any device then initially unlock the bootloader. So at first, we will share the tutorial to unlock bootloader on Samsung Galaxy S20 phones and then below the tutorial you will find an article to root the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Unlock Bootloader

By default, all the Smartphones come with a locked bootloader. But if you want to root any phone we have to first unlock the bootloader. Samsung comes to OneUI from Experience UI and it is more secure and comes with dual-layer security. Also, it makes the process complex to unlock bootloader on Samsung Galaxy S20. The process is quite the same but you want to ensure that it is complete. Make sure before you unlock bootloader you must know that it will trip the Knox feature and also it will remove all data of your phone.

Step 1:

Initially, the unlocking bootloader will reset the device so you must make take a complete backup of data.

Step 2:

Also, open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy S20 and move to About Phone section.

Step 3:

Now look for Build Number and tap on it about 7-8 times to turn on developer options on your Samsung Galaxy S20 phone.

Step 4:

Also, move back to Settings and then head over to Additional Options > Developer Settings.

Step 5:

In developer options, enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking.

How To Unlock OEM:

  • Initially open your android phone Settings.
  • Also, move to System settings and then click on advanced.
  • Here you’ll find the Developer option open it.
  • Now move down until you find the OEM unlocking or OEM unlock option.
  • Now click on OEM unlock to enable it.
  • That’s all!
Step 6:

Then switch off your phone. Also, press & hold Volume Down + Power button simultaneously and then connect it to PC via USB cable.

Step 7:

Now release both buttons when you see the Warning screen appears. Once done, now press the Volume Up button once and the Samsung Galaxy S20 will boot into Download Mode.

Step 8:

When the device is in the Download Mode, long press Volume Up button to unlock the bootloader of Galaxy S20 phones. Now it will remove all data from the phone and unlock the bootloader.

Step 9:

Automatically your phone will boot into the system. Then follow step 2 and step 3 to turn on developer options again.

All done!

The same procedure you can use to unlock the bootloader of other Android phones. After unlocking the bootloader, you are all set to root your phone. So if you like to root your Android phone then follow the below article.


Root Samsung S20 Plus/Ultra using Magisk (Not Tested)

Samsung phones with OneUI are difficult to root due to different file systems and partition. After complete research, we can now root Samsung phones. While using a patched file is the common procedure that is working for some of the Android phones. But this procedure is not tested so if you can try the method to root the Galaxy S20.

Step 1:

Firstly, extract the downloaded Firmware on your PC and there you will find a tar file initiating with AP. You may also extract the Odin tool zip file.

Step 2:

Copy (CTRL+C) the AP file to your Android phone storage.

Step 3:

Install or Download the Magisk Manager on your Android phone and open the App.

Step 4:

In the Magisk Manager tap on Install > Install.

Step 5:

A few options popup so pick ‘Select and Patch a File’.

Step 6:

Now locate and choose the AP tar file and wait for a while for the patching.

Step 7:

And once patching ends, the output file saved in the Download folder with name magisk_patched.tar.

Step 8:

Now Ctrl+C the magisk_patched.tar file on your computer and remember the location.

Step 9:

Once done, run the Odin Flash tool on your computer.

Step 10:

Now switch to the Options tab in the Odin tool and unmark Auto-Reboot.

Step 11:

On the tools right side simply tap on the AP and locate the magisk_patched file. Tap on the BL and load the BL file from extracted firmware. Same as above load the CP and CSC file in its respective section.

Step 12:

Now, boot your Samsung S20 in the Download Mode so first turn off your phone. And follow Step 6 and Step 7 from unlocking the bootloader to boot into Download Mode.

Step 13:

Attach your phone to PC ignore if already connected. The tool will now analyze your phone that you can view in blue color near ID: COM.

Step 14:

Once everything is done then tap on the Start button. Now it will begin flashing the Firmware including Magisk patched file.

Step 15:

Wait for few minutes and after completion, it will display Pass message. Now disconnect your mobile and follow the below-mentioned steps carefully.

Step 16:

Now carefully boot into the rooted system using the following button combination.

  • Press & hold the Volume Up + Power button simultaneously and release all the buttons when you view the warning screen.
Step 17:

All done, you’ll now you successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy S20.

After rooting you still have to be careful about a few things. These things are like you need to reboot into specific partitions like recovery, non-root system, root system and more. So to boot into a specific system follow the shortcut buttons mention below.

  • The system without Root: Normal power-up
  • The system with Root: Press & hold the Volume Up + Power button simultaneously and release all the buttons when you view the warning screen.
  • Recovery Mode: Press & hold Volume Up + Power button simultaneously and when you view the Warning screen release the Power button only but keep pressing Volume Up button until you view Recovery.


So here is the complete article on How to Root Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus with Magisk or how to unlock bootloader on Samsung S20 Plus. If you have any questions and queries regarding the guide then share it in the comment section.

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