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How To Type British Pound Symbol In Mac OS X

British Pound Symbol In Mac
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to type the British pound symbol in Mac OS X? After typing something that includes British currency, it can be quite helpful to type the symbol for the British pound (£). Hopefully, it’s very simple and easy to do so, also on a Mac in a country besides the UK. If you are still not sure how to enter any symbol on a specific device. Then you can use the Character Viewer on a Mac or the Character Map tool on Windows to add it into a document. Or else you can also find it online and copy or paste it into your work.

Pound Symbol

Like other currencies, the British pound is also represented by a specific symbol. It is a stylized letter L, £, that is coming from the word libra. The Latin word for a balance scale becomes the origin of the astrological sign Libra.

However, the pounds used to be split into a complicated array of smaller currencies. So, today a pound is split into 100 units known as pence. You can abbreviate it with the letter p. However, the amount in pounds and pence can be written with a decimal point, quite identical to U.S. dollars, like £2.54.

£ – Input the symbol for the British Pound is done after hitting Option+3 in Mac OS X.

The keystrokes for adding this £ symbol are standard on all Mac keyboards from the USA. Also, it is another nation with another keyboard layout or shortcut that might differ slightly. Or else the symbol of a pound might appear on the keyboard as the dollar sign does in the USA via US keyboard layout for OS X.

£ – Press Option+3 to enter British Pound symbol on a Mac keyboard:

British Pound Symbol

It is very easy to know that as the 3 key is the # POUND symbol, so using the same name as the British Pound currency symbol. It must be quite easy or simple to recall. However, for the other keyboard layouts, they differ per country and per region. Simply check our comments section to find out the correct keystrokes to type the Pound currency sign on those keyboard layouts too.

It comes quite handy whenever you’re in the UK with your Mac. Some Mac system fonts provide the ability to type the British Pound symbol.

If you want to access more currency symbols in OS X. Then you can use the special character viewer on the Mac or type out just about any other currency symbol. Also, there are keyboard shortcuts for other common currencies though, such as Yen, Dollar, Euro, and as in this case, the Pound.

How To Find a Character Online

If you’re on a PC that you’re not familiar with and want to use a character that’s not mentioned on your keyboard. Then you can look for it online and copy or paste it into your document. Head over to your web browser and enter the name of the character, like the British pound symbol, into a search engine like Google or Bing and move through the results until you find the character.

Then, choose it with your mouse or touchscreen. Just to copy or paste it into your document where you want it to go. You must know that you might want to use a paste without formatting option. Just to add the character in the font and text size that matches the rest of your text.

Once it is in your document, you can just copy or paste it in your document if you want it again without requiring to return to your web browser.


Here’s all about “British Pound Symbol In Mac OS X”. Have you ever try to type this symbol on Mac OS X? For further queries and questions let us know in the comments section below!

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