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How To Turn On the Classic Startup Chime on Newer Macs

Turn On the Classic Startup Chime
Written by Hassan Abbas

Turn On the Classic Startup Chime: The simple Terminal command brings back the classic startup chime on the latest Macs that have gone viral nowadays. Apple turned off the startup sound on the latest Macs in 2016. However, some tricks worked in the past to return back the chime, updates to macOS seems to have paused them working.

However, the latest trick – first shared in the Allaboutos Forums seems to have a huge success rate. Also, relying on your Mac model, your distance may vary.

How To Restart Classic Startup Chime On Mac:

All you need to do is to follow these steps carefully to re-instate it.

Step 1:

Initially, install the Terminal app, that you can found it in the Applications/Utilities folder. A Terminal window opens and a command prompt for you to start typing.

Step 2:

Enter the following command and then hit Return: sudo nvram StartupMute=%00

Step 3:

Input the password of your admin user when prompted.

Step 4:

Now close Terminal, then re-instate your Mac.

Remember the volume is up, and if you are lucky, you’ll hear that cool F-sharp chord sound when next time your Mac boots up.

If you don’t want the chime after re-enabling it, just repeat the steps mentioned above but replace the Terminal command in step 2 and enter this: sudo nvram StartupMute=%01.

This iconic chiming startup sound was originally designed to highlight that diagnostic tests had found no hardware or software problems. Since 1991, the same sound goes along with almost every Mac boot sequence. Also, the most recent F-sharp chord embodiment was first used in the iMac G3.

Also, Apple engineer Jim Reekes recorded a C major chord using a Korg keyboard. But fortunately what most users will hear nowadays is a pitch-shifted version of the sound made by the Mac (Macintosh) Quadra family of professional PCs, first launched in 1991.

However, in 2008 the sound was memorializing in Disney-Pixar movie WALL*E. When the titular robot character has arrived 100% power after locating his solar array, the booting chime goes off.


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