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How to Turn On Gyroscope with Gyroemu in Android

Written by Hassan Abbas

So Along with GyroEmu Xposed module, you can also simulate Gyroscope on any Android phone. If your phone has a built-in Accelerometer and Magnetometer. Thanks to XDA developer Mourdraug, his GyroEmu Xposed module replicates Gyroscope (virtual Gyroscope) through utilizing your phone’s accelerometer and magnetometer. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Turn On Gyroscope with Gyroemu in Android. Let’s begin!

Most of the Android devices that fall in the mid-to-low end category doesn’t come equipped with a Gyroscope sensor. That makes augmented reality a tough challenge for these devices.

However, thanks to the developer Mourdraug over at xda, who is working on an Xposed module called GyroEmu. That uses Accelerometer and Magnetic Field Sensor of an Android device in order to simulate Gyroscope output.


Let’s see how GyroEmu works:

Module works by creating new Sensor instance and injecting it into SystemSensorManager sensor list after its constructor, so getDefaultSensor(Sensor.TYPE_GYROSCOPE) will return it.
Module registers then SensorEventListeners for accel and magnet sensors and does it’s calculations on accelerometers update and calls onSensorChanged of listener that uses it.

— Mourdraug

However, GyroEmu is still a work-in-progress project on Github, you can also track its development progress over here. And if you’d like to test drive the Xposed module, then you can grab GyroEmu apk from the download link below. Just simply install like you’d install any other Xposed module.

 Download GyroEmu (.apk)

The module is not perfect yet, so test or run it on your device at your own risk. Also, if you think that you can help with the development of that, then make sure to get in contact with the developer over at his xda profile or the project’s GitHub page.


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