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How to Turn On and Turn Off Crunchyroll Autoplay

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Written by Kelly Houstan

Any anime fan actually knows how important it is to pick the best anime streaming service in order to watch their favorite shows. Now, this streaming service has to have the most convenient features you guys can use. These features should be simple and easy to access, such as the autoplay option. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Turn On and Turn Off Crunchyroll Autoplay. Let’s begin!

Crunchyroll is one such streaming service as well. In fact, it is one of the most famous ones. This is basically the go-to site for watching anime in HD quality. Not only that, however, it also has a huge collection of series. You guys can watch whatever you want. Now, whenever it comes to convenience, this is basically the site that has enough features you can use. Here, we are going to focus on the autoplay option. How you can turn it on and off. This is something you will definitely want to know. 


If you guys plan on watching your favorite series for a couple of hours actually. It would be annoying to tap on the “Next” button every 20 minutes after an episode ends as well. That’s why you should enable autoplay actually. The episode will start playing via itself. Not only is it a handy feature, however, it is also time-saving. No need to go over the button in order to play the next episode when the website can do it for you as well.

If you guys want Crunchyroll to start playing the next episode from the series that you are currently watching. You can turn on the autoplay option. This option will automatically play and then load the next video. The video will load on a different page as well.

Why Is This Important?

In order to illustrate just how annoying that can be, now here’s an example. As the episode’s final seconds come to play that you’re mostly about to witness a cliffhanger that connects with the next episode. Such a scenario implies there’s some really tense drama going on leading up to the end. If you guys are interested in the show, chances are your eyes are glued to the screen as the plot unfolds as well. There’s also no way you’re thinking about stopping that Autoplay before it kicks in. And even if you guys do, that would spoil your immersion in the show’s final super-tense moments as well.

Crunchyroll did acknowledge that turning the Autoplay off isn’t available anymore too. And they believe they will fix it in one of the coming updates as well. Without any predictions whenever that may be than users have been waiting for well over a year for the feature in order to come back as well.

How to Turn On and Turn Off Crunchyroll Autoplay

On the website (

  • Open a modern browser (as Crunchyroll suggests) and then visit
  • It will prompt you guys to enter your username or email address and password if you were initially logged out. If you were, then you will be opened to your account’s homepage along with ad banners showing the latest anime show.
  • Now, you have to go to the video of your choice. You can do this via searching its name on the search box which is at the top-right corner next to the profile icon as well.
  • When you get to your show, tap on any episode. Because autoplay enables via default, you will open to a page where your episode will start playing automatically.
  • As the video plays, then hover over the playing screen. When you do, then you will see the ‘Settings’ wheel icon. Tap on it.
  • On the small menu that appears, then just toggle the ‘Autoplay’ button off. It will basically change from a bluish color to green color as well. With that tap on, you have disabled autoplay and whenever an episode ends. You will have to press play for it to head to the next one.
  • In order to enable it, you just have to toggle the same button on.

On the app (Android and iOS)

  • Well, from your home screen or your app, tap on the orange Crunchyroll icon in order to launch the app.
  • If need be, then enter your login details to access your account. You can select to get to a video from among the ‘Home’, ‘New’, and ‘Anime’ tabs as well. Also, you can click on the magnifying icon glass and search for the name of an anime.
  • When you get to a video, click on it and scroll via the available episodes then select one. It should start playing automatically in landscape mode as well.
  • Whenever it starts to play, click on the screen in order to show the different buttons.
  • On the top right corner, then you will see the autoplay button.
  • To turn on it, you just toggle the button and it becomes orange. In order to disable it, you do toggle it again and it switches to grey as well.


Well, That all from my side. If you want to know more about this “Turn Off Crunchyroll Autoplay” article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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