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How To Turn Off Control Center on Your iPhone or iPad Lock Screen

How To Turn Off Control Center on Your iPhone or iPad Lock Screen
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to turn off Control Center on your iPhone or iPad Lock Screen? In iOS, the use of the Control Center is to instantly capture a picture, jot down a note, enable the lights, control your Apple TV, and lots of other things. It’s essential and convenient because you don’t usually have to unlock your iPad or iPhone to use it.

However, with that ease comes to potential security problems. After using Control Center to create quick Notes. For example, probably you don’t want anyone to get at them just by selecting up your device and swiping on the Lock screen.

How To Find Control Center

If you’re interested in such a possibility, don’t be. Fortunately, there’s a choice in iOS 13 and later that activates you to turn off access to the Control Center from the Lock screen. Also, it’s just a hidden secret in your device’s settings. Come let’s check how to find it:

Step 1:

Initially, launch the Settings app on your ‌iPad‌ or iPhone‌.

Step 2:

Click Face ID (or Touch IDand Passcode.

Step 3:

Input your passcode if prompted.

Step 4:

Move down and disable the switch next to Control Center.

Of course, its personal preference to find the right balance between convenience and security. But to turn off Control Center on the Lock screen is less of a problem now that some latest iPhones have Face ID, which makes unlocking your device quite easy as selecting it up. But thank, anyone who isn’t you can’t afford the same luxury.


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