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How to Tell If You are Banned from Twitch Chat

Banned from Twitch Chat
Written by Kelly Houstan

Twitch is mainly a positive and creative place we go to escape the world for a while and immerse ourselves in our games, hobbies, social groups, or something completely different. Most of the time, real-life does intrude, an overeager mod, a bot that gets things wrong. Or also some kind of behavior that we see as unacceptable, it all gets in the way. If you guys are a regular user of chat, do you know how you can check if you’re banned on Twitch? Just read this article to know all about How to Tell If You are Banned from Twitch Chat. Let’s start!

There are many other kinds of bans on Twitch, however, it’s mainly ban from chat that folks suffer from most. Some channels have also got themselves ban, however, not without a reason. It’s a chat where most of the user’s confusion stems from actually.

Banned on Twitch

We have also seen where broadcasters have ban , Dr. Disrespect is a really good example when he was a ban in June 2019 to stream from a public bathroom. He was a ban to violate the broadcast agreement along with Twitch and whenever it didn’t go down well. Then it shows the community that Twitch is serious about maintaining some kind of standard as well. That’s even more true when you guys consider he is one of Twitch’s most famous streamers.

We have also seen other channels disappear for a while over bad behavior or some infraction or also many others so everyone knows Twitch has rules. It’s in our nature in order to push them a little, which is why we many times have to check whether we are ban or not. Thus this post.

I don’t really know anyone who would risk their channel in order to experiment along with getting a ban for my article research. So I’m concentrating on being banned from chat on a specific channel. Getting chat banned is really simple so I’ll do that rather.

How to Tell If You are Banned from Twitch Chat

There are a couple of really simple ways that you can check if you guys are ban from chat on a Twitch channel or not. One can do that within Twitch and the other from an external web site as well.

You can also block via the streamer or their mods or Twitch themselves too. You’re not given a reason, and you do not give any explanation at all basically. Nine times out of ten, it’s obvious why you guys got ban because it would have also something you said or you did. It isn’t always the case though as some streamers or mods can also make mistakes or get overzealous as well.

Banned via Twitch

When you join a channel and try to chat, you guys can also see a message that says something like ‘You have been blocked from using Twitch.’ This basically means Twitch has blocked you and not the streamer. This is a more serious ban and you guys are going to have to follow this up along with Twitch. Good luck with that as they rarely seem to respond to anyone regarding bans as well.

If you guys see that message, then your account may have been banned from chat via Twitch. This is also covers in detail on the account suspension page on the website. The terms are really clear to read and will likely closely adhered to if it is Twitch doing the banning or not. There is an appeals process but this can take anything up to three weeks to get sort out.

There is also a website that we know as Twitch Insights where you guys can check usernames, In order to see if you’re ban or not. I don’t really know how accurate it is, however, it might be worth a shot.

Banned via a mod orstreamer

If you were ban through a streamer or one of their mods. You guys will only ban from that one channel and should also able to chat everywhere else as well. You won’t always see a notification of the ban, then you will just suddenly find you cannot chat in a particular channel as well.

There are often strange reasons, random reasons, or also no reason at all for a chat ban too. It’s one of the more frustrating elements of Twitch basically. The platform and also its streamers have to maintain control somehow. And the volume of bans means mistakes will occasionally make and also innocents catch up in those bans as well.

If you guys think that you’re caught up in a channel chat ban. Then try to type ‘/mod’ into chat and see what actually happens. If the command doesn’t work, then you are ban. Also, if it works fine, then there is something else going on.

If you guys are ban, contact the streamer or whisper a mod and discuss the issue. Be nice. Be polite and see why you were ban actually. If you genuinely and honestly think you were catching up in something as well, just say so. If you guys think you know why you got ban, that shows a little remorse never hurts and can also get you unban as well.


Well, That all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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