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How to Stop Automatic Video Playback in Safari

How to Stop Automatic Playback of Videos in Safari
Written by Hassan Abbas

Opening a web page and suddenly start playing a sound is annoying for the user if it also has a sound that video is horrible. In the latest versions of macOS, this can be easily avoided by configuring Safari to prevent automatic playback of videos with sound or videos in general.

Safari 11 for macOS High Sierra (although also for macOS Sierra) has important features focused on improving user privacy and navigation. Among these functions, we find the automatic blocking of the reproduction of videos on web pages. You do not need any plugin or content blocker for it.

How to Stop Automatic Playback of Videos in Safari

Block default video playback for all pages

By default we can configure Safari so that it reproduces or does not reproduce videos in the web pages through which we navigate, we can even specify that it distinguishes between videos that have sound and those that do not. It is done as follows:

Step 1: Open Safari and later Safari preferences from the menu bar.

Step 2: Choose Websites in the upper tabs.

Step 3: In the sidebar, click on Autoplay.

Step 4: The web pages open at the moment and below the whole ‘When visiting other websites “will appear

Step 5: Display the menu and choose what you want Safari to do with the videos.

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Lock or unlock the playback of videos on individual pages

Exactly in the previous preferences window, we can configure how we want to act for each website we visit, as long as it is open at that moment. But there is a faster method to configure the video playback of a single page.

Step 1: Open the page that interests you in Safari.

Step 1: In the URL bar click on the secondary button and ‘Settings for this website …’

Step 1: In ‘Autoplay’ choose the option that interests you for that website.

Blocking the automatic video playback will not only avoid annoying situations but also improves general browsing through Safari. Since the videos are played automatically, the browser needs to download them to start playing them whenever you load a web page, so the navigation automatically slows down and in many cases, you are not even interested in watching that video.

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