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How To Speed Up Nox Player If Slow _Tips

Nox Player
Written by Lara John

 Nox Player

Is your Nox player is working slowly? What To Do? Here are some of the fixes. let’s get started! So, guys are you playing games on the Nox Player Android emulator? If Yes then might be possible that you face this issue that suddenly it starts to lag. If You face this then Don’t worry, as lags in computer software are normal. It does no matter how fast the maker claims it is. Also, is same goes for Nox Player, which is one of the fastest Android emulators on the internet.

Most of the users have reported that the Nox Player is sometimes slow. This is also very important to note that it is not really Nox Player’s fault. Also, Most of the time, it is your system that will cause the lag. That is why you may need to tweak the system a bit to resolve the issue.

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Some Tips to Improve Nox Player Speed:

In case, if you are facing lag issues with the Nox Player. Then try the following tips one by one:

1. To Enable Virtual Technology Of Nox Player:

A Virtual Technology or VT is also available with most modern PCs today. Also, These features can get a single-handedly and also improve the speed of the Nox Player significantly. Then You can also find if it is enabled through Task Manager.

So, You will also need to find out whether your machine allows virtualization. This is also the easiest way to do that and is also download third-party software. So, that it will also scan your system to detect whether it allows VT. If it does. Then you can also enable it through BIOS.

To Reboot your PC and also run BIOS just by clicking F2. You have to Go to Configuration. Then tap on the Virtualization option. You can also Enable Virtual Engine. Also, the name may vary depending on your processor and also an overall machine.  Then most of the PCs, you will see a VT-x.

2. To Allocated More Memory and Processor Of Nox Player:

You can also consider that this is an alternative to Virtual Technology. Now, you can also improve speed by allocating more RAM and CPU cores to the Nox Player. So, Here is how you can do it:

  • First of all, you have to Launch the Nox Player.
  • Then click on the Settings available on the upper-right corner
  • Tap on the Performance Settings.
  • Now, you can also increase RAM and CPU cores
  • After that click on the Save Settings

You just have to Make sure that your computer has enough memory and cores to dedicate a chunk of it to Nox Player. Now, For instance, you can also dedicate up to 8 GB of RAM. In case, if you have 16 GB RAM overall, leaving half for the rest of the program. You have to remember that This setting is only applicable if your PC supports Virtual Technology. 

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3. To Close All Other Programs  Of Nox Player:

This could be that other third-party programs are causing the lag in Nox Player. Then despite having enough RAM and CPU power in the system. Also, the more apps that you have running, the more memory they will eat up and leave less for the emulator.

You can simply move over to the Task Manager and in the end all non-essential programs. So, These usually appear on the top of the list. Most of the background programs may be unnecessary too. You can also look for those that are consuming a lot of memory.

4. To Update Nox Player:

In case, if you haven’t updated Nox Player in a while. Then it is the best time to upgrade it. Normally, upgrading can also improve speed. In case, if you think your PC has no problem and is not causing any lags. Then perhaps it is the emulator itself.

You have to move over to the Nox Player official website and then see if they have released a new version. In case, if they have and then download it and replace the older version.  Now, You may also want to save the progress of your games, though. Then you can also create the backup of your data on your disk and then restore it later.

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5. To Clean Up Disk Space:

You can also Clean up the disk space. This may also improve speeds and then remove any lags you may be facing. So, Here is how you can clean disk space:

  • You have to Launch the Nox Player.
  • Then click on the ‘Mul-Disk’ from the toolbar.
  • Now, Select an instance you want to clean.
  • After that, click on the Clean Up button from the Operate column.
  • So, You can also do this through System Settings while the Nox Player is running.

6. To Change Graphics Rendering Mode:

In this case, if a specific game is experiencing lags. It is because of how the graphics are rendered. Now, You can also change that in the settings of the Nox Player. So, Here’s how you do it:

  • First of all, Click on Settings from the toolbar.
  • Then Go to the Performance Settings.
  • You can also switch to the other mode (OpenGL or DirectX)
  • Then tap on the Save Settings. After that close and also restart the emulator and try playing the game again.

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7. To Update Graphics Driver:

Now, Your graphics driver should be up to date. Then the heavy graphics of certain games may be causing screen lags. After that, you can manually search for a new driver that is for your specific graphics card. You have to do it through Windows Updates.  Then You can also use third-party software. Also, to look for the latest graphic card driver. Although, Windows Updates is the most reliable option. That you won’t have to update manually in the future too.

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A Nox Player is also a pretty stable Android emulator. This will also work well with most PCs. Although, lags can occur for any reason. Now, These tips should also help and then restore performance to what you expect of it.  In case, if you have a powerful gaming machine. Then you have to begin with, then you won’t have lag problems frequently. In most cases that you would like to try a different emulator. Now, there are several best Android emulators for Windows and MAC. Although, you can also enjoy gaming on Nox Player on a regular PC.

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