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How to Sort Songs in Spotify Playlists on Android

Spotify Playlist
Written by Hassan Abbas

Talking about listening to music on our smartphone has almost become synonymous with Spotify. The use of this platform of music streaming is already essential for many of us, but the Android app sometimes turns out to be rather sparse in terms of options. For this reason, it is gratifying to find that it is now possible to order the playlists in a personalized way.

Spotify Playlist

A few weeks ago we discovered that the option of ordering the playlists to our liking was going to see the light thanks to a comment from the Spotify team in the community’s ideas box. While it is true that the question is from 2014, it seems that at least you have something in mind to the community. This new feature for now is only available to some users , so make sure you have the version onwards to try your luck. We have already used this new functionality and we tell you how to order your music on Android in a few steps.

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How to sort songs from a Spotify playlist

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Organizing custom playlists on Android is very simple.

Step 1: We just have to access any of our playlists and click on the options menu located in the upper right corner of the screen (the three white dots).

Step 2: In the new window will appear a new option called “Edit playlist” that will get us to a new screen where we can sort the songs in Spotify as we want.

Step 3: The new Spotify screen on which to order our songs works in a very organic way. If we click on the icon on the right of the songs we can move them at our whim.

Step 4: We just have to press it and move the song from top to bottom as much as we want. The song will stay in the place where we stop pressing the screen.

Step 5: The other available option is to delete a specific song: just by touching the icon to the left of the songs and we will have removed them from our playlist.

Step 6: After doing so, a message will appear in the lower part of the screen where we will be allowed to undo the action in case we want to recover that song: by touching “Undo” we will have it again in our list.

Step 7: And when we have the playlist re-ordered, we will only have to save it by clicking on “Save”, which is in the upper right corner.

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