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How to Solve Popcorn Time Slow – Tutorial

popcorn time slow
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popcorn time slow

Popcorn Time is an amazing way in order to watch movies online, however, it is blocked in many regions worldwide unless you use a VPN. However, not just any VPN provider will do; you just need an app that will unblock Popcorn Time when preserving your connection speeds for fast, buffer-free streams. Just read this article to know all about How to Solve Popcorn Time Slow – Tutorial.

What is Popcorn Time?

Whenever it comes to ease of use and movie availability, it’s really tough to beat Popcorn Time. The free, open-source, multi-platform software leverages the power of torrents to give fast access to all the streaming content you can imagine as well. TV shows and movies are at your fingertips, packaged in a slick Netflix-like interface that’s extremely easy to browse through as well.

Do you need a VPN to watch Popcorn Time? | popcorn time slow

Popcorn Time’s reputation has attracted a lot of negative attention. The legality of the software is constantly under dispute, and some countries have gone so far as to block the service entirely as well. Using Popcorn Time has become risky or also even impossible in many countries, then forcing users to turn to VPNs to regain access and reclaim their privacy as well. No matter your location or the local laws, via a VPN when you stream content via Popcorn Time is a simple and easy way in order to unblock movies while staying anonymous.

We’ve done the research and came up along with the best Popcorn Time VPN options that are super fast and secure your privacy while watching your favorite TV shows or movies. And if you needed any, we also included reasons why you guys should use a VPN with Popcorn time.

What makes a good streaming Popcorn Time VPN?

Finding a good Popcorn Time VPN can be a tricky task actually. Speed is important, as streaming videos use up a lot of bandwidth and also even the slightest drop can cause stuttering. Some VPNs give speed boosts via skimping on encryption and privacy measures, a practice that just won’t work for Popcorn Time actually. We weighed privacy practices against speed tests in order to find the VPN providers best suited for video streaming on Popcorn Time, hands down.

  • Download speeds. You guys can’t watch a movie if you can’t download it. Popcorn Time leverages the power of torrents in order to pull data from a cloud of users across the web, however, if your VPN can’t handle the traffic, then you’re out of luck. Speed results will vary relying on your location as well as the location of the VPN server you’re connected to. We also found the VPN providers with the best overall speed scores so you won’t have to wait to start the stream on Popcorn Time as well.
  • Bandwidth limitations. Some VPN providers put caps on the amount you can also download each month, mostly throttling speeds once you reach a certain point. Unlimited transfers are a must for using Popcorn Time, and all of the VPNs below are free from traffic limitations of any kind as well.
  • File restrictions. A lot of VPNs forbid certain types of files from passing via their network, along with P2P connections and torrent files sitting at the top of the list. Without torrent traffic Popcorn Time is practically useless, so we also made sure our VPN selections never restrict what you guys can download, especially whenever it comes to torrents as well.
Further | popcorn time slow
  • Simultaneous connection. Popcorn Time is also available for a number of operating systems, also including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. With the software on these devices along with a VPN normally wouldn’t be a problem. However, if you use too many at once, issues could arise, as VPNs restrict the number of devices that can also connect at any given time. In order to make sure everyone can watch movies when they want. We also favored VPNs with high simultaneous connection numbers or alternative options in order to extend the default range.
  • Privacy features and logging policy. Privacy is really important in a VPN, especially whenever it comes to logging. VPNs cater to this through adopting a zero-logging policy, which makes it nearly impossible for third parties in order to access collected data since none of it exists. Having features like an automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection to cut off accidental unsecured connections are also must-haves for Popcorn Time users actually.
  • Platform availability. If you guys can install Popcorn Time on an operating system. Then you should be able to install your VPN on the same device, plain and simple as well.

Best VPN You Should Use

NordVPN | popcorn time slow


  •  Highly affordable plans
  •  Most VPN servers along with different IP addresses
  •  256-bit AES encryption with perfect forward secrecy
  •  No logs and encrypted connections for total privacy
  •  Customer Service (24/7 Chat).

  •  Very little
  •  Apps can sometimes be slow to connect.


NordVPN does something interesting along with its servers to deliver fast speeds. Instead of distributing general-purpose machines that handle all of the network’s traffic, servers are tuned to handle many types of transfers more efficiently. There are servers for torrent downloads, such as, that makes using Popcorn Time surprisingly fast on the NordVPN network.

Alongside server specialization, NordVPN also features unlimited bandwidth, no traffic cops, a zero-logging policy, and also no restrictions on torrent or P2P traffic. The network is up to 5,500 servers, that cover 58 countries and thousands of proxies. There’s also NordVPN’s signature double encryption to make sure data remains safe.

Safety features in NordVPN’s software basically include DNS leak protection as well as an automatic kill switch. Most VPN providers also reserve these extras for Mac and Windows users. However, NordVPN adds support for iOS devices as well, making it one of the more secure mobile VPNs around.

ExpressVPN | popcorn time slow


  •  SPECIAL OFFER: 3 months free (49% off – link below)
  •  Reliable and fast connections
  •  Supports ALL devices
  •  Strict no-logging policy
  •  Great support (24/7 chat).

  •  The month-to-month plan has a high cost.


Speed is actually something ExpressVPN specializes in. As a provider, ExpressVPN provider has some of the fastest speed test results around, that scoring high for servers located in large cities as well as many mid-sized towns. In all, there are more than 3,000 global servers in 94 countries. So even if you do get a sluggish connection it’s highly likely you can find a faster one along with a little experimentation. ExpressVPN also doesn’t have limit bandwidth, doesn’t block torrent or P2P traffic, and has a strict zero-logging policy in order to keep your privacy a top priority.

A definite standout feature for ExpressVPN is also built-in speed tests for the Windows, Mac, and Android versions of the software as well. If your Popcorn Time downloads are on the slow side, then simply access the menu and run a quick speed test. In order to see if it’s the VPN or the file, you’re streaming. If it’s the former, switch servers, run the test again, and then resume once you’ve found a fast connection.

Which version of Popcorn Time should you use?

Popcorn Time had a rocky start, however, its initial release caught everyone’s attention. Users flocked to the software for easy and fast video streams, which gives it an enormous boost in popularity shortly after launch. Corporations and governments eventually caught wind of this and stepped in in order to shut down or block the software in many countries. In order to prevent any legal battles, the original Popcorn Time developers quietly disappeared.

Fortunately for the community, Popcorn Time was free and open-source software. Many other developers forked the code and made their own versions of Popcorn Time. That releasing a swarm of clones in the following months and years as well. Some of those forks became safe and feature-rich alternatives, however, others were as dangerous as a virus or malware.

The original Popcorn Time developers eventually resurfaced and also gave their seal of approval to one of the more famous clones. That fork is now known as the official version of Popcorn Time. It’s also available for a variety of devices. It also has arguably the best features, and most important of all, it’s safe to download.

It can be confusing which website or which version of Popcorn Time is actually the real deal. Especially since many of the clones use the same website layout and name as well. The endorsed and official version of Popcorn Time currently resides at, that is the only place you should download it from.

Doesn’t Popcorn Time include a VPN?

One fork of the original Popcorn Time software announced a partnership along with a virtual private network provider to bundle free VPN service along with every download. Whoever used this version of Popcorn Time would automatically be protected from censorship and also geo-blocking. All without even downloading separate software or signing up for a VPN service. This Popcorn Time VPN bundle sounded just like a smart leap forward, but in reality, it was actually a step back.

There is a serious downside to the built-in VPN – lack of privacy

The company behind the free Popcorn Time VPN also states quite clearly that it keeps logs of all user activity, one of the most immediate signs of an unsafe VPN service as well. Information is encrypted, however, because it’s stored it can lead to third-party seizure, especially because Popcorn Time traffic is under higher scrutiny. The thought of a free built-in Popcorn Time VPN service is really nice. And it does help step around geo-blocking in most countries, however, in practice, you actually give up some of your privacy. Stick along with a reliable, paid VPN service and the official version of Popcorn Time as well.

Avoid free VPNs for Popcorn Time streaming

Well, picking an affordable, safe Popcorn Time VPN provider that suits all of your browsing and streaming needs can take many time. It’s tempting to use one of the many free VPN solutions advertised on banners and websites around the web, however, as many VPN users are aware, this is a dangerous idea as well.

It costs money in order to operate a virtual private network. A business that offers free service has to recuperate costs some other way as well. The most common methods of doing this involve injecting ads into user’s connections, skimping on encryption as well. Or even selling the very user data they promised in order to protect. Free VPNs tend to be sluggish and aren’t guaranteed to offer any privacy or really anonymity. That makes them extremely poor choices for use with Popcorn Time.

How can you fix Popcorn Time VPN slowdown? | popcorn time slow

VPNs give a vital service to modern internet users, however, added encryption and anonymity come at the cost of speed. VPN services are notoriously slower than local ISPs, mostly dropping via 10-20% for the top tier providers or double that for bad connections as well. It’s a frustration that every user has to deal with. However, there are some workarounds for your Popcorn Time VPN that can also help.

Switch VPN servers

VPN connection speed is directly related to the distance between your location and also the server that you’re connected to. The farther your data has to travel, the longer it actually takes, it’s that simple. If you guys aren’t getting a fast enough stream from that VPN server on the other side of the globe. Now switch to one closer by, see if that improves the numbers or not.

Set new encryption levels

Encrypting data takes time, and it also increases the size of the packets that basically travel via your connection. Most encryption processes add 20-50% to the overall size of each and every packet. Serious numbers that add up for basic web browsing tasks as well, let alone streaming movies. In order to combat this, some VPN providers permit you to decrease the level of encryption active on your connection. If your stream is sluggish, then try lowering the encryption.

Check your own connection

The VPN might not be at fault for your slow speeds as well. ISPs mostly throttle certain ports, resulting in narrower bandwidth whenever your VPN software is active as well. Most good VPN apps also let you change ports and protocols in order to work around this. Security software. Like firewalls and antivirus programs can also cause a slow connection speed, as will via Wi-Fi rather than a wired connection.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “popcorn time slow” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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