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How To Share Wifi Password On An iPhone Or iPad

Share The Wifi Password On An iPhone Or iPad
Written by Hassan Abbas

In many eves, when the family comes together in full there is usually someone who needs the password of the router in the house. There is a trick that I have (re) discovered recently and that saves you a lot of time when you enter it. Next, we will see how to share the WiFi password with an iPhone in the blink of an eye.

Share The Wifi Password On An iPhone Or iPad

How to share your WiFi password on iPhone

In September of last year, Apple introduced a small functionality so you do not have to go to your router, take a photo and enter the password manually. The process is very simple, you just have to follow these steps:

Step 1: You need an iOS device already connected to the WiFi network you want to add.
Step 2: On the iPhone or iPad that you do not have yet access, go to Settings> WiFi and select the network in question.
Step 3: At the same time, the other iOS device will appear when a dialog like the top one is unlocked.
Step 4: By touching the “Share password” button you will invite the WiFi network to the device that did not have access.

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No photos, no contortions to see the Wi-Fi network password, no mistakes when entering the difficult combination of letters, symbols, and numbers. This is probably one of the simplest functions but one that generates the most surprise among iOS users who did not know it.

As is obvious, this trick only works between iOS devices. The advantage is that if you have other Apple devices, they will automatically connect to this new network the next time they are close to you without you having to do anything. All thanks to iCloud.

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