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How To Share Spotify Music on Instagram Stories

Share Spotify Music
Written by Hassan Abbas

The latest Instagram update has brought us a lot of news. Many of them are not yet available, but we can start enjoying one of those that has not interested more: the ability to share Spotify music through Instagram Stories. It means to say goodbye to take screenshots to what we hear in Spotify and then upload them as Stories. We show you how to do it in a few steps.

The collaboration between Instagram and Spotify will greatly facilitate the task of sharing our musical moments. Something simple to do and that will allow us to show Spotify songs, albums, artists or playlists in the Instagram Stories. The explanation is the same for all the content of the music streaming app, so to avoid getting lost by this example we will use a song.

Share Spotify Music

How To Share Spotify Music on Instagram Stories

We are listening to a song or not, we just have to click on the three points that are located to the right of the topic title and that give us access to the options.

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Step 1: Here we will have to click on ” Share ” to get to a new window where the ” Instagram Stories ” option will appear. We do not have to tell you what to do, right?

Step 2: After touching “Instagram Stories” will open the Instagram app where we will have the Story ready to publish. We can apply all kinds of effects to this image, so you can now remove your favorite gifs, stickers or filters.

Step 3: When we have the image ready, we will only have to publish it in the usual way. The interesting thing about this new feature is that if we get into the History that we have created, we can click on a new link that is below our name: “Play on Spotify” will take us to the music we have shared.

Something especially useful to give more hype to the playlists that we created in Spotify and that we can now share comfortably through Instagram Stories.

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