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How To Share Spotify Music in Instagram Stories

Share Spotify Music in Instagram Stories
Written by Hassan Abbas

Instagram lives a very good time thanks to their stories. And is that the ephemeral functionality of the social network is a success and proof of this is the amount of news that is applying in recent months. Among these novelties has just arrived one that surely many were waiting for, that of sharing music.

To date, the only way to “share music” with our followers in Instagram stories was to take a screenshot and upload it, but now Instagram and Spotify have joined forces in a new feature that allows us not only to share music directly from the streaming service but also link a link so that our followers can listen to what we have shared.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free

Sharing on Android and iOS

The new feature is now available for Android and iOS and the procedure in both operating systems is the same. The first thing we have to do is open the Spotify application on our mobile phone (there is no possibility on the desktop) and choose the song or list we want to share.

Beside the name of each song or list, we find an icon formed by three vertical points. If we click on it we will access several options, among them the one of ‘Share’. We chose this option and a drop-down will appear with all possible options, including ‘Instagram Stories’ which is what interests us.

Share Spotify Music in Instagram Stories

By clicking on this option, Spotify will redirect us directly to our Instagram account and from here it will automatically create a story with the cover of the chosen song or list. This story can be edited in the same way as a normal story, with text, filters or gifs.

Once we have edited the story, all we have to do is share it. We can choose to send it by private message or publish it among our stories by clicking on the option ‘Your story’. Once published our followers can listen to the song or list we have shared by clicking on the link located in the upper left that says ‘Play on Spotify’.

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New camera effects for our Stories through third parties

If by some strange casual you fall short of the camera effects available in the Instagram Stories, do not worry. From now on we will discover new masks, text styles, and stickers through third-party designs. Something that we had already seen on Facebook, but now reaches Instagram Stories so we can use content made by third parties such as NBA dunkcam (NBA dunkcam) and futuristic Ariana Grande, Buzzfeed, Vogue and more.

We can use these effects through third parties by clicking on the “Try it” button that we will see in the publications that contain them.

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